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Lil Destar is a Nigerian writer and poet. He is inspired by his love for art, nature and philosophy. His works mainly include poems and quotes based on experiences, imaginations, thoughts and philosophies....
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  • Gloxy
    My definition of love is you
    For you're a dream come true
    When I see others crying for love
    I realize your worth even more. ...
  • Keep Your Head Up
    The pain behind your smile;
    The sadness behind your laughter;
    And the weariness behind your strength,
    Even without you uttering a word, ...
  • Dust Awaits Me
    Give me a sign
    When death is near.

    Open my eyes to ...
  • Reincarnation
    Plant a seed on my grave
    So that I shall live again
    In another form
    In this same world. ...
  • Speak Life
    Life doesn't look at our faces,
    To see if we tremble or quake,
    Or to check the level of disgrace,
    It has caused our helpless souls. ...
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  • In order to play with the kids, I had to put aside my maturity and allow the childish nature in me to completely possess me. And once again, I was able to experience the kind of happiness I haven't felt since I became an adult, since life took away my innocence. What a beautiful way to start the new year!
  • If I asked you what you knew about heartbreak, you would probably tell me how a loved one cheated on you; how a brother betrayed you or how a friend neglected you. But the real heartbreak is that someday we will become a forgotten song in the lips of all those who know us today. We will all die, leaving the world with little or nothing to remember us.
  • And when time is up, death will blow its whistle to signify the end. Unfortunately, only a few manage to live until this time, a lot of us just exist
  • There are a lot of people whose lifestyle I admire but will never, can never and don't ever want to be like them.
  • Life will not be pleasurable if we don't embrace the good and the bad sides. We can not tell the difference between pleasure and pain if we have not felt both. Experience gives us knowledge and it is left for us to decide what we need it for. Good and evil are both at our disposal and will always bow to our choices. The reason man's need is insatiable is because happiness has no limit. The more something makes us happy, the more we crave for it.
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