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Dennis Mark Prager (; born August 2, 1948) is an American conservative radio talk show host and writer. He is the host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show The Dennis Prager Show. In 2009, he co-founded PragerU, which creates five-minute videos from an American conservative perspective.

His initial political work starting in 1969 concerned Soviet Jews who were unable to emigrate. He gradually began offering more and broader commentary on politics. His views generally align with social conservatism.

Early life and education

Dennis Prager was born in Brooklyn to Hilda Prager (née Friedfeld; 1919–2009) and her husband, Max Prager (1918–2014). Prager and his siblings, including Kenneth Prager, were raised in a Modern Orthodox Jewish home. He atten...
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Rmchavin: 3-27-23: portugal 2 decades ago, dennis prager lamented on his radio talk show that he wasn't breastfed and so he isn't as smart as he would have been if he had been breastfed. breast milk contains long-chain fatty acids (aa but also omega-3s), hormones,
Floodbill: a night at the palladium: dennis prager - happiness is not a feeling: it...
Aarosm1th: make dennis prager cope and seethe
Unworthy_prod: dennis prager explains why p*rn can actually be a good thing
18_26_613: memo to conservatives: you don't have to agree on everything -- only on fighting the left
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