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  • 1.
    I'll tell the world,
    I write this poetry—
    Well, yeah!
    Writing a poem won't change much;
  • 2.
    Ngi lah Jop!
    Ha sngap ki ïa pyrta...
    Jingap-khmih lynti, Urlong shisha!
    Tat haduh snem khatkhyndai spah hynñiew-phew ar, 'nai kyllalyngkot, tarik Arphew wei,
  • 3.
    Life is full of woe and miseries
    And the world is full of dangers and snares,
    As we race this journey, though not for fun;
    As we fight, the past is only our inspiration.
  • 4.
    From the base of 'U loom kyndong',
    I applaud her bravery— the queen of Manar Kingdom;
    Though "suri kup snieh langbrot" tends to trap,
    Queen with extraordinary powers, her real name was Latympang Shadap.
  • 5.
    From sin,
    He died to save me,
    For everlasting life ;
    I thank thee—
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