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limitsandhope: A Crash Course on Christopher Lasch on Limits and Hope

rbeauchard: Here's my brief intro to Christopher Lasch's thought on my Substack.

rubin_lyle: Reading this Stuart Hall reflection on Marx and Marxism after listening to the KYE episode on Christopher Lasch threw me for a loop. I’ve always suspected what makes Lasch so interesting is his wrestling with Marx’s categories (rather than his total rejection of them).

rubin_lyle: Here’s the Know Your Enemy episode with Chris Lehmann on Lasch. Seriously, listen to the conversation alongside Hall’s address. It’s wild.

Raskolnikov1632: “Progressive optimism rests, at bottom, on a denial of the natural limits on human power and freedom, and it cannot survive for very long in a world in which an awareness of those limits has become inescapable.” -Christopher Lasch, The True & Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics

Basic_Chunnel: It sort of dovetails with this week’s Know Your Enemy ep on Christopher Lasch - the observation that the left and center both distrust religion on basically Marxist grounds, as an exploitive / narcotic function first, and more or less always a threat

PechayNiGail: The attempt to redefine the family as a purely voluntary arrangement grows out of the modern delusion that people can keep all their options open all the time. -Christopher Lasch RALPHGAIL SA ROBLasPiñas

jeremypgordon: The normal guy in my brain: Some smart people you follow are having an interesting conversation about Christopher Lasch, you should check that out The absolute lizard moron in my brain: Post a photo of Disclosure and say "The only 'Lasch' I care about"

JHILLBERK: Know Your Enemy: Christopher Lasch’s Critique of Progress, with Chris Lehmann

rinkumathew: Christopher Lasch on Herbert Croly Herbert Croly’s America

rinkumathew: Speaking of Lasch, did you know that he wrote a style guide? That was news to me. It's called Plain Style.

Robert76907841: Know Your Enemy: Christopher Lasch’s Critique of Progress, with Chris Lehmann

youwannahearbb: Imagine, out of all the great authors, the one you decide to put on a pedestal is christopher lasch. Lmao.

rinkumathew: Reagan’s Victims by Christopher Lasch

D_WalterRice: "This uncertainty now... crystalizes in an imagery of the absurd that reenters daily life and encourages a theatrical approach to existence, an absurdist theater of the self." - Christopher Lasch

salesproducer: "Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success." -- Christopher Lasch

of_arbys: outside the box thinking from the biggest Beltway goobers imaginable. At least Carter talked to Christopher Lasch and kept it interesting

DBGerrard: Rum, sodomy, and Christopher Lasch

JoergAuberg: Know Your Enemy: Christopher Lasch’s Critique of Progress, with Chris Lehmann

__spicywhite: Here’s something to chew on: The countercultural insurgency is being led by children of privilege. And that’s good. Look, if Bennington grads with gallery jobs want to cosplay Catholicism and lean hard into Christopher Lasch, that’s a plus.

pompilivs: Alfred Baeumler wasn't far behind, with his work being approved by Franz Alfred Six. Long denunciations of capitalist production, the "British-Puritan bourgeoisie," Marx denounced as an accelerationist, cultural critique on par with Theodor Adorno and Christopher Lasch.

DissentMag: Christopher Lasch, the late historian and social critic, can be difficult to pin down. Despite writing with startling clarity and verve, Lasch frustrates his readers’ longing for clean partisan taxonomies and explicit programmatic statements.

samferree: Key Takeaway: Leftists really need to read Christopher Lasch and take his ideas seriously to understand our current political moment.

LittleWingRae: In 1979 Christopher Lasch said of US, "Is culture of narcissism," now what would he say about this... (Rossiya nikulturnaya?)

Kerbrech: "The Culture of Naricissim: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations" (1979)...was the inspiration for my honour's thesis Dawn of the Decadent: Christopher Lasch and the Narcissist Road to Power:

LBRolsky: "We argue that certain aspects of contemporary politics have morphed into something more religiously shaped than Christopher Lasch’s “culture of narcissism,” something that is not based on the private whispers of the confessional booth..."

MichaelEHayden: If this is about the Red Scare pseudos, did anyone follow them to mass for a few months? It's fake, like the when they post a picture of themselves holding a copy of a Christopher Lasch book. You know they didnt actually read the book, right? Come on lol.

MazMHussain: The Revolt of the Elites by Christopher Lasch:

Astuages: I'm not very impressed so far listening to Christopher Lasch talk about education. There's something far too soft about how he thinks. If I had to guess from this only, his schtick is being a conservative-presenting historian-lite lefty.

A_Man_in_Full: “Members of the educated elite upheld open-mindedness as the supreme political virtue but refused to debate their own idea of the good life, perhaps because they suspected that it could not withstand exposure to more vigorous ideas.” ― Christopher Lasch, The True and Only Heaven

GoodwinMJ: The "ghost of Christopher Lasch" just signed up to my substack. Love it.

TrueQuotation: Any experience can be transformed into something of value. — Christopher Lasch

thefourthsimpe1: From "Culture of Narcissism" by Christopher Lasch (1979)

ludicluddite: Two Books which should be a must read: "False Consciousness" by Joseph Gabel "The Culture of Narcissism" by Christopher Lasch

vcrboipretty: the main thing to keep in mind about the christopher lasch renaissance is that the people driving it transform a general criticism of consumer society's effects on the democratic subject into intra class moralizing.

freewillagain: The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy by Christopher Lasch

rafkhach: Are you ok baby? You've barely tweeted about Christopher Lasch since last year.

pnh: I always felt that Christopher Lasch was a gigantic asshole, and this absolutely gets at why.

nlanard: Masters and his set love to name check Christopher Lasch's "Revolt of the Elites," but always seem to skip over the key point that, "The difficulty of limiting the influence of wealth suggests that wealth itself needs to be limited."

JoeLowndes: This latest Christopher Lasch fad let’s you pretend to hate capitalism, bureaucracy, and the pmc AND indulge your own MAGA fantasies.

joveest: The “very serious, nominally left intellectual” crowd’s rediscovery of Christopher Lasch is a symptom of its own nihilism and defeat.

grubbsbl: very good thread critiquing Christopher Lasch.

live_intheflesh: 3/ Shouldn't the nuclear family instead be considered the ordinary and primary site of resistance to capitalism on the left's own understanding of the situation? That was, in fact, the position of Christopher Lasch. Instead we get this:

petespiliakos: Christopher Lasch would see this comic and Ric Flair's most recent match as aspects of the same underlying problem.

dmk1793: Christopher Lasch is the poor man's Henri de Man

laracentric: You don’t read The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch, it reads you

ViewsParallax: New Varn Vlog/Parallax Views crossover on the Patreon! We cover Christopher Lasch, Roe V. Wade, culture wars, and more!

what_theory: We demand too much of life, too little of ourselves. Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism. Click on the link

mrcitrine: "American workers, it is said, are less efficient than their counterparts in Europe and Japan. American managers are no better than those who work for them." - Christopher Lasch

ZoharAtkins: Christopher Lasch: “The contemporary climate is therapeutic, not religious. People today hunger not for personal salvation, let alone for the restoration of an earlier golden age, but for the feeling, the momentary illusion, of personal well-being, health & psychic security.”

mrcitrine: "We do children a terrible disservice by showering them with undeserved approval. Children need to risk failure and disappointment, to overcome obstacles, to face down the terrors that surround them. Self-respect cannot be conferred; it has to be earned." - Christopher Lasch

peasantbrain: The True and Only Heaven: Progress & Its Critics by Christopher Lasch

JohnstonAdamK: I just started reading “The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy” by Christopher Lasch. This was published in 1996, but it reads like it’s the current day.

emeriticus: Did Christopher Lasch anticipate an overproduction of shitlibs trading on the uniform?

SamAdlerBell: “Christopher Lasch is basically a communizer…” — me to various leftist friends who badly want me to leave their house

bartlebytaco: it gets better: the book it was sitting on top of? the culture of narcissism by christopher lasch! i left that one on the street

SamAdlerBell: I have alienated too many friends and loved ones by talking their ear off about Christopher Lasch, so now I have to leave the country

MatthewSitman: "A very intelligent kid...more industrious than I, but I think his stuff lacks perception and doesn't go very deep. He is primarily a humorist. As he himself admits, he is probably a hack." Christopher Lasch describing his freshman roommate, John Updike, in a letter

PowerThinkingCo: PowerThinking Corp - Christopher Lasch

paul_lecrone: never worn a tank top in my life and I think it’s about time I change that. I will strive to be the most jacked Christopher Lasch fan

TheGever01: Living Systems Scope & Scale - Critiques of neo liberalism -Book - CULTURAL OF NARCISSISM - By Christopher Lasch.

tim_sandsquid63: I just subscribed to Limits and Hope

3yeAmHe: Varn Vlog : Julian Assele on the Paradox of Christopher Lasch

CatholicClod: I hopped on my friend Derick Varn's podcast to talk about the legacy of Christopher Lasch, the strange contradiction between early-Lasch and late-Lasch, and why that matters

TedJoy71: to come apart with the advent of feminism and the rest of what was called at the time The Movement. Christopher Lasch did a pretty good book more or less about this back in the mid-90s called The Revolt of the Elites. With the rise of women into places first of influence and then

okamitsukinoin: “The real reward of virtue is to have little to apologize for or repent of at the end of your life • Wealth is to be valued but chiefly because it serves as one of the necessary preconditions of mural and intellect cultivation” -Christopher Lasch, Culture of narcissism

peasantbrain: Christopher Lasch

gardner_wv: This is basically an inverted point similar to Christopher Lasch’s argument in the first chapter of Revolt of the Elites.

skepoet: Goodnight, I need to re-read "True and Only Heaven" by Christopher Lasch, one of the three Lasch texts I am ambivalent about.

MAlastor1: "The American press is free, but it censors itself. The university isfree, but it has purged itself of ideas. The literary intellectuals are free, but they use their freedom to propagandize for the state." Christopher Lasch, "The Agony of the American Left"

ExplodingAppend: Shalon van Tine and C. Derick Varn’s rigorous and impressive research returns to Christopher Lasch’s entire oeuvre and situated his critique alongside his life-long critical thought.

pleathercowboy: sorryyyy rly cute Christopher Lasch excerpt

dorajfacundo: Christopher Lasch consulted President Carter before he gave the infamous "malaise" speech.

ScienceMorality: Christopher Lasch was way ahead of his time. His analyses have been shown to be quite accurate over time. My main criticism with this book (The Culture of Narcissism) is his total lack of acknowledgement of the radical expansion of centralized government over the past century.

JuntoGunto: And don't forget 1979's 'malaise speech.' "Carter was deeply influenced by his 29-year-old pollster, Patrick Caddell. Backed by his own survey data and his interpretations of works like Christopher Lasch’s 1979 bestseller, “The Culture of Narcissism,” ..."

nukebarbarian: The Internet Archive has made it possible for me, someone with neither institutional backing nor much money, to research primary sources from electric utility trade publications and uncollected Christopher Lasch essays. It has been invaluable.

bureaucatliu: Just realized that La familia grande is the realization of Christopher Lasch’s Culture of Narcissism

LRB: ‘Of the several sports that have turned almost completely professional during the past three decades, tennis deserves a place of honour in what Christopher Lasch called the culture of narcissism.’ Edward Said on tennis, from 1999:

nikkipaqueo: The effect of the mass media is not to elicit belief but to maintain the apparatus of addiction. - Christopher Lasch

TimChristiaens5: Starting Christopher Lasch - The True and Only Heaven. First summer reading about the critique of social progress.

CarlCarlwalsh20: Let us remember Edwin Lewis--a superb, deep, eloquent theologian, whose "Philosophy of the Christian Revelation" in particular I would recommend to all. On a level with Christopher Lasch--both were circumspect and illuminating guides to their subjects, each a pleasure to read.

Iamsickofthis3: Christopher Lasch anch Charles Murray rip on Robert Reich a lot. Was he that influential in the 90s?

ExplodingAppend: ⭐️UPCOMING EVENT⭐️ Christopher Lasch, Narcissism and the politics of Culture with Shalon van Tine and C. Derick Varn. For more information and to grab your FREE tickets while you can, click here:

patrickdbyers: Christopher Lasch, always nailing it

HaydenLukas: Have any theology people read Christopher Lasch's Revolt of the Elites?

oldlife: The United States also has a more robust tradition of independent-minded, left-wing, anti-corporate, ecological, or agrarian dissent, such as that typified by Ralph Nader, Christopher Lasch, Rachel Carson, Helen and Scott Nearing, and Wendell Berry.

ScienceMorality: "The narcissist divides society into two groups" the rich, great, and famous on the one hand and the common herd on the other." - Christopher Lasch

propjoebmore: Abandoning Lasch

PersualOfWisdom: Christopher Lasch, quote from his 1995 book: ""Diversity"-- a slogan that looks attractive on the face of it-- has come to mean the opposite of what it appears to mean."

2ndthoughtsarah: “The thinking classes have seceded not just from the common world around them but from reality itself” - Christopher Lasch, in “The revolt of the elites and the betrayal of democracy”(1997).

longlooking: by means of which we now and then transcend it.” Christopher Lasch (The Culture of Narcissism) Without recognition of, and reconciliation with our *limits*, this transcendence is impossible. Our duty is only the trying. The rest is not our business."

ScienceMorality: whatever the crisis of the moment happens to be - to run risks, to test his mettle, to shrink from no danger, to resort to bold and decisive action even when the occasion calls for prudence and caution." - Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism

Philosophos87: Time for everyone to reread Charles Murray, Christopher Lasch, et al. on the novel divergence of the everyday life of the American socioeconomic elite ("laptop class" etc.) from that of the general populace in the 20th c. (as though a Mars-bound breakaway civ...)

gardner_wv: Democracy in America has an expiration date. Everything’s so messed up right now & our leaders are so weak & clueless that I think it may occur in my lifetime. First step was eroding Dewey’s culture of democracy. Christopher Lasch warned about all this but it fell on deaf ears.

ChaseMadar: Post-prandial thought: I really love Christopher Lasch, learned a lot from his books, but it’s good to keep in mind that he (like his Rhodes Scholar dad and PhD-having mom) was a quintessential member of the professional-managerial, advanced degree opinion-monger class

aimeeterese: This essay is narcissistic drivel. Christopher Lasch was right to warn that "...the decline of authority does not lead to the collapse of social constraints. It merely deprives those constraints of a rational basis."

resnikoff: Getting absolutely savaged by Christopher Lasch yet again

BARB_ARIC: Coming up: Lincoln at Gettysburg - Gary Wills Gangsters of Capitalism - John Katz Plain Style: A Guide to Written English - Christopher Lasch

latelyproblems: Mark Fisher and Christopher Lasch both have the best answers to this question. Fisher’s take:

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