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Christina Georgina Rossetti (5 December 1830 – 29 December 1894) was an English writer of romantic, devotional and children's poems, including "Goblin Market" and "Remember". She also wrote the words of two Christmas carols well known in Britain: "In the Bleak Midwinter", later set by Gustav Holst, Katherine Kennicott Davis, and Harold Darke, and "Love Came Down at Christmas", also set by Darke and other composers. She was a sister of the artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti and features in several of his paintings.
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Christina Georgina Rossetti Poems

  • Echo
    Come to me in the silence of the night;
    Come in the speaking silence of a dream;
    Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright
    As sunlight on a stream; ...
  • Italia, Io Ti Saluto!
    To come back from the sweet South, to the North
    Where I was born, bred, look to die;
    Come back to do my day's work in its day,
    Play out my play - ...
  • Amor Mundi
    (The Shilling Magazine, 1865.)

    'Oh, where are you going with your love-locks flowing ...
  • Dead Hope
    (Macmillan's Magazine, May 1868.)

    Hope new born one pleasant morn ...
  • My Dream
    Hear now a curious dream I dreamed last night
    Each word whereof is weighed and sifted truth.

    I stood beside Euphrates while it swelled ...
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Mike_may_quotes: and all the wonderful things of love that sang so sweet through the song were in the look that met in their eyes, and the look was deep and long. (christina georgina rossetti, 1830–1894)
Lpdetorres: check out this article: christina georgina rossetti: de profundis -
Armandodiazr_: 'your own special way' was composed entirely by mike rutherford, inspired for a poem by christina georgina rossetti to write the lyrics to this song.  video:
Robertsnickc: swift and sure the swallow swift and sure the swallow, slow and sure the snail: slow and sure may miss his way, swift and sure may fail. ~ christina georgina rossetti, 1830-1894 [olga shashok]
Mike_may_quotes: and the queen was there, more stately fair than a lily in garden set; and the king was loath to stir from her side; for as on the day when she was his bride, even so he loved her yet.  (christina georgina rossetti, 1830–1894)
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