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h4ckys4ck: Weirds me out that most millionaires with free time to spare are not at peak fitness. Just do a Christian Bale mate, what else you got going on?

FergusDennehy: Christian Bale getting some early practice in on his Batman voice a year before 'Batman Begins'.

minajdetrois: the one with christian bale

phaithful1423: after watching all 3 of the christian bale batman movies, I'm lowkey super hyped for the coming robert pattinson one


tippiecakez: What do you call Batman that skips church? Christian Bale

British_Hajime: I didn't care for Christian Bale as Batman.

margoween: I have the powerpuff girls song stuff in my head, particularly the one when Christian Bale is singing it.

givernyarches: rewatching howl's moving castle. i have a good handle on everything and it's going great! in other news, christian bale said "sophie you're beautiful!" and i started shaking and crying

robpattinsonww: What The Batman fandom should be doing.... rallying behind Bruce Wayne in various forms! From George Clooney, to Michael Keaton, to Val Kilmer, to Christian Bale, to Ben Affleck, to Robert Pattinson. Artwork by rickcelis IG

imBrianLloyd: Remake this :12 clip as a movie with Christian Bale as Scherzer

cokeandcarbs: Christian mingle: Just Christian Bale and Christian Slater making small talk at a pot luck dinner

fatherjo_: Christian Bale just doesn’t do it for me sawry.

armyofprashanth: I like that I used Christian Bale and Joaquin Phoenix′s unrelated performances and made a joke meme about boycotting the batman that has neither iterations of those characters and people still took them seriously.

ChrisBaleDay: Today is not Christian Bale Day

MarvelStudios: Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale will join the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder as the villain Gorr the God Butcher. In theaters May 6, 2022. ⚡

paultao22: Watched American Hustle (2013) on Tubi. Starring Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence.

Heather67465545: Of the year for 2015, and we're proud to present your chance to vote for it! we are very excited to have won the academy award for best television movie, best actor for christian bale, and for best supporting actor for.

OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "Sometimes the truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more". Christian Bale (The Dark Knight)

shineefication: gonna watch this movie w a rating of 3 stars just for christian bale

JustineBibine: Christian Bale was prudish

thedavidhallsp: Petherton Picture Show presents Le Mans '66 (12) Friday 25 June 8pm. Starring: Matt Damon, Christian Bale & Jon Bernthal Pre-book tickets only via

mdgwinegarden: They're making a movie about the pandemic. Christian Bale should play COVID-19.

ToluBaller: Masters professors basing lectures around the big short. Shoutout Christian Bale I guess

Anomalyesha: Christian Bale > Ben Affleck ALWAYS

AntInTampa: Teo? Why you look Christian like Bale

armyofprashanth: twilight looking mf Christian bale

KnightFleck: Christian bale had the right idea

bbhtastic: natalie portman christian bale thor love and thunder knight of cups fancam edit filmtwt

TommySledge: ON THIS DAY 20 YEARS AGO — ‘The Fast and the Furious’ opened in theaters FACT: Before Paul Walker was cast as Brian O’Conner, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Eminem were all considered for the part FACT: The movie’s Toyota Supra Mark IV was recently auctioned off for $550,000

FinnVonFritter: I can't wait until Khloe Kardashian and Christian Bale get married! Their smoke sash is going to be so baffled!


ufppodcast: I mean holding GME sounds great but I've got the same question Christian Bale had, ya know, in that movie. How am I going to get paid in the end by someone who doesn't have any money? I'm betting you fail. If you fail you can't pay me.

prabhinism: I don't think tht any actor can beat Christian bale in losing weight.

IconQueer: Christian Bale wore flannel and is now a butch icon!

joy_kioko: Christian Bale...

GreatMovies10: Christian Bale Interview (Vice 2018) For the full video here:

ATISanctuary: Answer was Christian Bale

perfectcoolgirl: so no one was gonna tell me Christian Bale is british?????

ybjt23: Are the Finland fans doing that chant from when Christian Bale does the jump on the Dark Knight Rises?

CEIIOPHANEHERO: christian bale if ur out there. the things I would do to you.

UncleBibby: when you lose your magic power you become small. emaciated = weak. christian bale in the machinist = cant lift a thimble off a tabletop next month when the US gov does the REAL alien disclosure and the vril start stealing our graphene, i say we send guys like *THIS* after em!!!!

ka345sh: Gonna start doing my hair like this xxxxxx so if I ever see Christian bale he has to marry me

TT_ChrisBale: Blades of Glory: The story of the works racing Clan Crusader

DenizSaaat: I don't get it. Is drummer Christian Bale shorting Bitcoin or nah? If so, should be funny to watch.

thetrendygreg: same birthday as christian bale what u gonna do

yeetingbatz: With the release of "The Flash (2022)" Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will join Christian Bale as the only actors to have played Batman in 3+ movies.

ihateluiss: Christian Bale is the best Batman and his series are amazing

everyoneisabot1: "The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of." - Christian Bale, Caddyshack (1980)

sixfeetrunder: christian bale e ethan hawke no top 10 eh de fude

__ESCEE__: this mane bane really but Christian bale outta commission wit dat backbreaker

conner4rea1: The Amityville Horror is not scary at all unless you are focusing on how much James Brolin looks like Christian Bale. It’s actually so terrifying

conner4rea1: This. This is not Christian Bale.

wanna_feel_old: Wanna feel old? Christian Bale is turning 381 today

61r0th: i cannot escape christian bale pinterest!!

ChrisBaleDay: Today is not Christian Bale Day

PLHolics: If you have to make a movie who would you choose Tom Hardy or Christian Bale and why? — Chris hands down. He’d live up to the moment and then live the character untainted

AndrewEGlisson: Honestly, why even bother when you can just Christian Bale it up? "It sounds cooler." Jeez!

couchpotato999: Empire Of The Sun - Trailer

Dragoon64832206: Just wrapped the last episode of my sitcom! So happy to have Christian Bale play the Giant Sand Worm, he gained 50,000kg for this role!

belbel1989: I’m so in love with Christian Bale that it is physically painful

MetaphysicalPI: Did Christian Bale Sell His Soul To The Devil? At the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, Christian Bale won Best Actor for his portrayal of former US Vice-President Dick Cheney in the movie Vice. During his a ...

LightsCameraPod: ‘Batman Begins’ released in theaters on this day, 16 years ago, marking the beginning of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Where does Christian Bale rank among all time Batman performances?

DanielF737EBook: CHRISTIAN BALE AS THE GOD BUTCHER. Spike Jonze Explore more shots in our database:

m2_shaheen: Imagine if after The Batman comes out, WB uses pictures of Christian Bale for promo. In what world does that make sense?

Krishna13Mangal: All the people who are saying that WB is just using the most iconic version of the characters. Then, Why is Micheal Keaton there? Why not Christian Bale's Batman? He is way more iconic than Micheal Keaton's Batman.

faithsokhowru: i’m a christian bale stan

tomorrowxtyun: ㅤ Shout out to Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale senior if they see this please don’t mind at my members laugh at me. If someday I have film about my life, would you consider to play as me? ㅤ

balesbitch: happy dilf day to christian bale

LincCat: Christian Bale?

zeldawilliams: It’s true! Also, what do you call it when Batman skips church? Christian Bale.

JPHX: I recently watched the one Terminator movie with Christian Bale, and was struck that they didn't push hard into the terrifying abstractions Skynet would have been deploying -- clouds of nanobots, drones resembling viruses, no reason for the AI to make endless skeleton bots.

jeff_gluck: Christian Bale gets asked how the Batmobile would fare at the Indy 500: “It might have a slight advantage in that it can jump over things. I don’t know if that’s legal.” Matt Damon chimes in: “The problem is the only person on your pit crew would be Michael Caine.”

oddmoonman: loved Ford V Ferrari. christian bale truly is one of the best actors of our time (no i never forgot) and also hard to admit that I might like Matt Damon a lil too much sometimes

IconQueer: wish you were as much a otter as Christian Bale? well you're not, because they experienced attraction to the same gender

recastbot: JUSTICE LEAGUE RECAST: Dustin Hoffman as Superman, Andy Samberg as Batman, Vin Diesel as The Flash, Alison Brie as Wonder Woman, Christian Bale as Aquaman and Jake Gyllenhaal as Cyborg

DailyMailCeleb: Christian Bale smiles for a photo with a fan at a Mexican Restaurant as he enjoys a break after filming Thor: Love and Thunder

shcbangsthedrum: happy father’s day to christian bale , cillian murphy , hayden christensen , mads mikkelsen , ewan mcgregor , paul rudd and pedro pascal have a good day kings

E5STELLA: btw christian bale is so british on ford v ferarri ajkskjks he's so funny and serious at the same time

Sreenu0286: Someone should do this with Christian bale

MrJackAlter: I love christian bale lol

BCCOUNTYCHRIST: if anyone is wondering the machinist (skinny Christian bale movie) is coming on at 3:10pm today on TMC. I haven't seen it and won't be watching it but I wanted to let my followers know just in case

arcanevice: Remembered I had a dream that I was about to fight Christian Bale because he was being a dick to me and I was fully confident that I was about to lay his ass out.

donkiyeti: have never seen christian bale say a word about gareth bale. not a very supportive father is he ⁉️

skipper1penguin: Last time I got caught for 'lusting' over somebody was Christian Bale when she saw me chatting about him with a friend. had the whole, don't be stupid, whiling away your time in all this nonsense lecture back then. I could never see Dark Knight Trilogy in front of her after that

JuliaButAgain: 14. Emma Stone prob 15. Christian Bale when hes not undergoing metamorphosis 16. Literally anything, I'm not picky when it comes to it

StraatmannTate: Christian Bale

IconQueer: Christian Bale said gender is a social construct- otter icon

PwinDynasty: Are we sure Christian bale and Hugh Jackman didn’t switch acting roles halfway through their careers?

AH_XCIII: happy fathers day to Christian Bale

gunnerfaraaz: Mfs rep Christian Bale and think they are always right

AAlasbah: Does Christian Bale have a bad movie at all? seriously

g_sharp_major: Young Harold Ramis had Surprisingly Strong Christian Bale Energy.

tohoeji: like christian bale batman RIPPED

theraveneffect: The moon doing the Batdance*... *for GenZ’ers: you had badass Christian Bale as Batman, we had Mr Mom, Michael Keaton... eh, never mind

GnikNus: It was pretty sick, especially when Christian Bale cuts a guys' face off with a katana

batsybabes: Man, I didn’t appreciate Christian Bale‘s Batman enough. It’s iconic.

bumekeyk: that’s Taemin Lee voiced by Christian Bale, your Honor.

CuttingEdgeEbay: American Hustle (DVD, 2013) Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper NEW SEALED PAL Reg 2

jp106gti: Me when I'm Christian Bale playing Patrick Bateman in the film American Psycho released in the year 2000

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