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Charles Tennyson Turner Books, Charles Tennyson Turner poetry book Reframing Yeats Authors: Charles I. Armstrong
Publisher: A&C Black
Published Date: 2013-08-29
Categories: Literary Criticism
Reframing Yeats, the first critical study of its kind, traces the historical development of W. B. Yeats's writings across the genres, examining his poetry, autobiographical writings, criticism, and drama with the same critical analysis. While existing studies of Yeats's work choose between a biographical orientation or a formalist approach, Armstrong's study combines the theory of New Historicism and Hermeneutics: a theoretical approach that takes Yeatsian scholarship one step further. Grounded in history and informed by recent studies, this innovative approach presents new interpretations and understandings of Yeats's texts. As well as providing a fresh reading of "Among School Children" and situating his autobiographical writings in relation to preceding Victorian practices and contemporary experimentation, this groundbreaking work documents some of the most important existing readings of Yeats's relationship to history, Modernism and the literary genres.

Charles Tennyson Turner Books, Charles Tennyson Turner poetry book The Tennysons Authors: Charles Tennyson, Hope Dyson
Publisher: London : Macmillan
Published Date: 1974
Categories: Poets, English
A history and a genealogy of the Tennyson family in Lincolnshire, Eng. who are the descendants of Ralph Tennyson who died in 1735. One of the more prominent descendants of Ralph is Alfred Tennyson, Baron, poet laureate, born 2 Aug 1809, married Emily Sellwood 13 June 1850, and died 6 Oct 1892.

Charles Tennyson Turner Books, Charles Tennyson Turner poetry book The Roman and the Teuton. A Series of Lectures Delivered Before the University of Cambridge Authors: Charles Kingsley
Published Date: 1875
Categories: Barbarian invasions of Rome
Charles Kingsley was one of the most influential members of the Church of England during the 19th century, and he wrote a number of Christian books that continue to be read by people of all denominations today.

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