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Charles Godfrey Leland (August 15, 1824 – March 20, 1903) was an American humorist and folklorist, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was educated at Princeton University and in Europe.

Leland worked in journalism, travelled extensively, and became interested in folklore and folk linguistics. He published books and articles on American and European languages and folk traditions. He worked in a wide variety of trades, achieved recognition as the author of the comic Hans Breitmann’s Ballads, and fought in two conflicts. He wrote Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, which became a primary source text for Neopaganism half a century later.

Early life

Leland was born to Charles Leland, a commission merchant, and Charlotte Godfrey on 15 August 1824 in Ph...
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Charles G. Leland Poems

  • The Legend Of Heinz Von Stein
    Out rode from his wild, dark castle
    The terrible Heinz von Stein;
    He came to the door of a tavern
    And gazed on its swinging sign. ...
  • Wein Geist
    I stoompled oud ov a dafern,
    Berauscht mit a gallon of wein,
    Und I rooshed along de strassen,
    Like a derriple Eberschwein. ...
  • Breitmann In Belgium - Spa
    Vhen sommer drees shake fort deir leafs,
    Ash maids shake out deir locks,
    Und singen mit de rifulets,
    Vitch ripplen round de rocks, ...
  • Breitmann In Holland - Scheveningen, Or De Maiden's Coorse
    Oldt Flämisch.

    Het vas Mijn Heer van Torenborg,
    Ride oud oopon de sand, ...
  • 's Gravenhage - The Hague
    In dis boem, mein freund der Herr Breitmann hafe his fiews on art pefore-geset mit a deepness und shorthood vich is bropably oonliked in Aesthetik. Ve hafe here, within de circumcomprehensifeness of dirty-two lines, a théorie vitch shortsomely exbressed sends to der teufel efery dings ash vas efer gescribed pefore on kunst or art, und maket efery podies from Baumgartner doun to Fischer und Taine, look shoost like puddin-headet old gasbalgs. Boot to de boem. For de informadion of dem ash ish not gestudied art, I vould shtate dat Adriaan Brauwer (who ish as regards an unvollkomene technik de first of all Holland malers), vas nefer paint nodings boot droonken plackguards und liederlich dings, und Van Ostade und Jan Steen vas in most deir bilds a goot deal like him.

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Dead_chilld: songwriters: kasseem dean / robert diggs / ernest dion wilson / kanye omari west / shawn c. carter / cydel charles young / manfred mann / terrence le varr thornton / leland tyler wayne / mike g. dean
Castali9: for every woman is at heart a witch. aradia, gospel of the witches (charles g. leland, 1899)
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