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Billie_T: Have to question any side signing a centre back not tall enough to go on Oblivion at Alton Towers to play in the prem tbh

_lfcleanne: Can see why the challenge from Van Dijk was given as a penalty yesterday albeit soft, but what’s most infuriating about it is that the Martinez foul there is equally, if not more of a penalty. Where’s the consistency?

carl_lewis_91: When the mancs get something out of this game, that shambolic penalty decision is going to be crucial. Consistency is all we ask

carl_lewis_91: Like clockwork.

juliabuzniak: 'It worked against Groningen'

carl_lewis_91: Love watching United lose, of course I do. But it doesn't make yesterday any more palletable. United are irrelevant, them dropping points means nothing, but funny none the less

carl_lewis_91: Don't say it Don't say it Don't sa-

carl_lewis_91: Not a hope I'm watching this City game, it's going to be a mauling

carl_lewis_91: Klopp mentions the dry pitch yesterday in a passing comment... meltdown. Just been mentioned on commentary in this game about the heat and the hard pitch, you wont hear about it again. agendas

carl_lewis_91: about as comprehensive as it gets from City

carl_lewis_91: Cant help but smile. But the phrase that will always come to mind. Grass.... greener...

carl_lewis_91: Manchester United need to hire Paul Scholes in some capacity. He may not be good at anything internally, but United need someone like him to tell them how it really is

carl_lewis_91: Bring back the Trent, Elliott and Salah triangle

carl_lewis_91: The financial backing isn't the problem, it's the transfer comity or however they go about doing things. Like ETH has come in, must have completely overlooked what the scouts have been doing and gone straight to Ajax players.. thats not a good set up.

carl_lewis_91: If they can sort that out, they'd be right back on track as they do have alot of quality players. But most of them are rotten and poisonous in the dressing room. Just so many steps needed to sort that club out.. 9 years and counting, watch how quickly that increases!

Carl_Lewis: One of the greatest sprinters of all time. I loved watching her run.

Carl_Lewis: To many zeros in that race.

Carl_Lewis: And his minions will still buy them from the USA because they say its and American company. Just make sure his orange jumpsuit is made in America.

HonestLarry1: On this date in in 1984, Carl Lewis wins long jump gold. His second of four gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympics. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

carl_lewis_91: Worst kind of people are the ones who reply really blunt, or short sentences like getting blood from a stone when you wanna talk to them. But as soon as they need something or they wanna talk, it's a different story and they put some effort in. Worst kind of people

carl_lewis_91: Goldeneye One of the best ever Bond opening scenes

carl_lewis_91: Pierce Brosnan, best ever Bond, for me.

carl_lewis_91: Liverpool got back to back Monday night games, you having a laugh

fender51093: It’s all about the journey, not the outcome. by Carl Lewis

HectorLaMarque: "If you don't have CONFIDENCE, you will always find a way NOT to WIN." -Carl Lewis, Olympic Gold Medal Runner

TheQuoteSpot2: Life is about timing. -Carl Lewis

carl_lewis_91: This just isn't funny, in any way, shape or form.. football twitter is a weird point scoring cancer.

Carl_Lewis: I was not aware that they were into head wins.

LsabreAvenger: Incidentally, today also marks 30 years since Lewis's third Olympic title of four in the LJ at a first-round again of 8.67 (-0.7), having leapt to a WL'ing 8.68 (1.0) in Qualification a day earlier.

Carl_Lewis: You're on it.

sachinganorkar: Avinash sable. Running is an exhilarating sport. Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis , Milkha singh , PT Usha, Pan singh Tomar, Usain bolt , Mo Farah, Zatopek, Nurmi, Paula Radcliffe, Felix, Rudolph, Gebresselassie. It makes one a free bird again.

carl_lewis_91: One of the worst defensive set ups I've ever seen from a set piece. Jesus looks sharp BTW

carl_lewis_91: I dont know if its arsenal looking really sharp, or Palace are just well off it. Theyve had alot of disruption this pre season and by god its showing.

carl_lewis_91: Has to score, no excuses

carl_lewis_91: oodegard needs to have a word with himself, why are you trying to walk it in you blert

carl_lewis_91: singing "we are top of the league" during the first game of the season is the mentality and reason why this mob have fallen so far from grace

carl_lewis_91: Arsenal vibes singing "we are top of the league"

carl_lewis_91: Jesus 20+ goals this season?? Looks like hes hungry for it


fender51093: It’s all about the journey, not the outcome. by Carl Lewis

Carl_Lewis: Projection.

Franchiseplaya5: If Ben Johnson was on roids, so was Carl Lewis. If you think otherwise, you don't know anything about human physiology, and hormone effects on the human body.

carl_lewis_91: Apparently I've tuned into the women's Euros recap and not Fulham vs Liverpool.....

carl_lewis_91: After Klopps comments about more than likely keeping Phillips now that Konate is injured, strange to see Sepp on the bench and not Nat. Don't think Nat is injured.

MyKMUnet: Carl Lewis bimbing Azeem

carl_lewis_91: Hopefully that's the end of Martin Tyler

carl_lewis_91: If Tyler didn't mean to include Hillsborough with other huliganism events, he wouldn't have used the word "other" Fair enough had he said, Hillsborough and huliganism in football, but the word 'other' completely changes what he's saying. Prick

carl_lewis_91: Feel really sorry for Nat Phillips, poor lad

carl_lewis_91: Because turning off the comments really helps things. Youve got to love an 'appology' where they say they're sorry for OUR misunderstanding.. have a day off

carl_lewis_91: The prices being thrown about are absolutely ridiculous!!! 35m for MGW... id be driving him myself for that. Crazy money.

POTUS: Today’s jobs report shows that the economy added 528,000 jobs in July. More people are working than at any point in American history. That’s no accident, it’s results.

AISimpsonsBot: While rehearsing, Marge sticks Maggie in the Kwik-E-Mart to his surprise that the barflies are actually covert agents and that Bart is the brains behind Lenny Lewis and Carl Clark, and Bart gets addicted to second-hand smoke.

carl_lewis_91: 18m for Cornet could turn out to be a marvellous signing. him and bowen on either flank is a great attacking line for west ham

carl_lewis_91: Bit of Arsenal all or nothing.. could do with a laugh

CelebBot2: From the wise words of Carl Lewis, keep your friends close, but Ben Johnson even closer

miles_commodore: 38 years ago today, at the Los Angeles Olympics Carl Lewis won his first gold medal.

carl_lewis_91: Yano what, actually a great watch!! The 2nd episode with the NLD was brilliant

HonestLarry1: On this date in 1984. Carl Lewis. 100m. Gold.

SchabSebastian: Discussion of Carl Lewis' 6th Place Finish in Men's 100m at t...

carl_lewis_91: Upsetting someone you care about really is shit

Nigelj08223326: 4 police officers federally charged with civil rights violation in Breonna Taylor death

carl_lewis_91: 13 to 15 points in August

carl_lewis_91: Ibou injured isn't ideal, but we have Joel. Just got to hope we don't pick up any more stupid injuries


carl_lewis_91: Mo to score on the opening day again? Odds must be quite high

CoachJeffBecker: "It's all about the journey, not the outcome." – Carl Lewis

FXMC1957: 4 August 1984. Carl Lewis (USA), won the first of 4 gold medals in the Men’s 100 Metres Final at the Los Angeles Olympics in a time of 9:99. He went on to win the 200 Metres, Long Jump, and 4x100 Metres relay thereby equalling the medal haul of Jesse Owens in Berlin in 1936.

CiteSeer: "People have a moral standard about what they will do and will not do. At the end of the day someone who cheats has a lower moral standard than someone who does not. And they will cheat in other areas of life as well." - Carl Lewis

SlotnickBen: Most successful pro athlete by AAC school: Houston: Carl Lewis Temple: Eddie Jones Tulsa: Steve Largent Tulane: Hot Rod Williams ECU: Chris Johnson UCF: Brandon Marshall USF: Hulk Hogan SMU: Eric Dickerson Cincinnati: Oscar Robertson Navy: David Robinson Memphis: Isaac Bruce

carl_lewis_91: All those abortion votes in America are mental. How can anyone tell a woman if she should or shouldn't keep a baby. Mental

carl_lewis_91: 50 million for cucurella is MENTAL. Don't get me wrong, hes a good player and could blossom with better around him, but 50m on the back of 1 good season is nuts

BoxingLegal: Letsile Tebogo. Another talent to watch. Carl Lewis' PB is 9.86 and this 19y/o I never heard of is running 9.91 looking backwards at the end. Humans are getting faster... no other explanation.

fender51093: It’s all about the journey, not the outcome. by Carl Lewis

divaradiofunk: Now Playing Carl Lewis & Electric Storm - Come Back My Baby Girl on Diva Radio FUNK

FunkyParadise: ON Diva Funk : Carl Lewis & Electric Storm - Come Back My Baby Girl

carl_lewis_91: Jota back in training within 2 weeks, didn't expect it to be that quick. Some good news

carl_lewis_91: The 3rd best player of the last decade, no two ways about it

abc13houston: Mayor Turner said there are 20,000 gang members in Houston, so the program made a goal of creating 20,000 paid summer internships for teens and young adults.

carl_lewis_91: Not been this run down in years. Lips are blown up like balloons, can't eat, so feel sick after trying to take tablets. Can barely drink. Honestly feel like death.. God knows what's brought this on

boredgaIriri: “Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE HonFREng”

fender51093: It’s all about the journey, not the outcome. by Carl Lewis

ksvbfmplaylist: Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash - I Will Rock and Roll With Tou

GrantRamey: Dylan Sampson said he ran a top speed of 22.5mph during the offseason. Michael Scott ran 12mph and told Carl Lewis to eat it. (He later was clocked at 31mph)

oliverdarcy: Lewis to Jones: "Having a six-year-old son shot in his forehead in his classroom is unbearable. ... And then to have someone on top of that perpetuate a lie that it was a hoax, that it didn't happen, that it was a false flag, that I was an actress — You think I'm an actress?"

oliverdarcy: Lewis to Jones: "I think you know that Sandy Hook is real and that it happened. ... But I don't think you understand — at all — the repercussions of going on air with a huge audience and lying and calling this a hoax. ... You don't understand that."

oliverdarcy: "It seems so incredible to me that we have to do this," Lewis tells Jones. "That we have to implore you — not just implore you, punish you — to get you to stop lying. ... It is surreal what is going on in here."

carl_lewis_91: I'm more than happy with Julian Ward and I think he's doing a great job taking over, but would be a kick in the teeth after Michael spent 10 years here

team_introverts: The trials on the road to world harmony are no greater than the courage of those who accept the challenge.-Carl Lewis RALPHGAIL PIEnally TOGETHER

Nigelj08223326: Bill Russell, NBA superstar and civil rights activist, dies aged 88

Tumz_kby: If you can call Carl Lewis one of the GOAT’s even though many people have beaten his fastest times since then , then you’ll understand how silly, “what he would have achieved in that era” chat is.

panamarhradio: 1988 Olympics 100m Semi-Finals Ben Johnson Carl Lewis CBC

carl_lewis_91: 9 players across 3 positions These people need to get a grip. Another world class midfielder will be great when they come in next year, but we have more than enough. Injuries happen, and some players need to step up. Support the team and wind it in

carl_lewis_91: The disrespect Jordan Henderson gets is disgraceful

Lizzs_Lockeroom: Allyson Felix passing Carl Lewis as the most decorated athlete in US Track & Field... oh and the kumite..

Carl_Lewis: Yep, 4 rounds in the sprints and three in the relay. I was tired.

seth_ayres: Beat that Carl Lewis

LsabreAvenger: Here is Carl Lewis's itinerary to his Olympic quadruple in LA 1984: 100m Aug 3 10.32 (h), 10.04 (q) Aug 4 10.14 (s), 9.99 (f) LJ Aug 5 8.30w (q) Aug 6 8.54 (f) 200m Aug 6 21.02 (h), 20.48 (q) Aug 8 20.27 (s), 19.80 (f, OR) 4x100m Aug 10 38.89 (h) Aug 11 38.44 (s), 37.83 (f, WR)

Darrell57624316: Ayman al Zawahiri, was an elderly. The man look like, he’s 80+. US best option, was a drone against an elderly, that most folks know, is not the next Carl Lewis? Opinion

carl_lewis_91: They have massively over paid, but in a 5 back formation with better players around him, I really think Cucurella will thrive. Hes a great little player

makstappen: Max Emilian Verstappen spinning is still better than Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

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