Who is Brian Bunguswa

He's a Kenyan literature scholar, with great passion in verse, drama and film. Having participated in drama and music festivals from primary school has given him vast experience in verse scripting. "Verse is my purging point." Currently he scripts and trains verses for the the Kenya music and drama festivals, a field that has earned him not only fame but also respect. He has several national trophies in his name....
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Brian Bunguswa Poems

  • Black Intimacy
    I've known two states; Kenya and the black,
    Like a moonless night,
    With tangible darkness-
    The conjoined twins embraces tenderly. ...
  • The Lost Gold
    I picked a stone so precious-
    A gold they said.
    But unrefined i thought it was,
    I threw it in the furnace; ...
  • A Hand Axe
    I know not a hand axe,
    Cathartic is my poetry and rhyme.
    I pen in the darkness,
    when my sun sets in the east. ...
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