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1980sFanboy: 1973: Billy Joel arrives on the scene with the pounding cords and epic narrative mural of "Piano Man," from his debut album- "Piano Man" (not to be confused with his 2004 greatest hits collection: "Piano Man." (He got a LOT of milage from that title!)

1980sFanboy: I have more to say about Billy, but I will save it for another day. He will appear again on this list a few years down the line, and I’ll tell you about my best Billy Joel memories.

radiodotsydney: Now playing on

IrishTimes: “We were having lunch at Bono’s house,” Jared Kushner writes about the day Wendi Murdoch reunited him with Ivanka Trump. After they’d eaten, Billy Joel played the piano while Bono sang with Bob Geldof

webcomradio: Now playing on webcomradio: Leningrad by Billy Joel! Tune in now at

BongersFM: Jacob played: Pressure - Billy Joel for the 1st time.

JustinK85563377: Feelin' Alright: Piano man Billy Joel's remarkable transformation | 60 M...

GreatBigRadio: GBR with The Hits and the Songs That SHOULD'VE Been. We're playing You're Only Human (Second Wind) by Billy Joel right now. After that, who the hell knows? Tap

MountainMamaF: Don’t judge me. I think it’s b/c it’s associated with very bad events and memories but I can’t listen to anything Phil Collins or Billy Joel. I know their talented people and that great but I will get up and remove myself from a room or shut off a radio entirely if I hear them.

rfllcradio: Billy Joel - Scenes From An Italian Restaur

bouncingthe500: Favorite album from October 1989 STORM FRONT - Billy Joel

ilpaulus: Billy Joel - My Life (Live From The River Of Dreams Tour)


goIdnangeI: billion dollar idea: harry covering vienna by billy joel tonight

DavidLHenning: Billy Joel feat. Paul McCartney - I Saw Her Standing There (Live at Shea Stadium, Queens, NY - July 2008)

XanderpussRex: My youngest kid loves waking up at 5 AM to brush her hair while playing Billy Joel at max volume and I don't have a problem with it I promise

zone_disco: Billy Joel - Uptown Girl (Digital Visions Remix) (Clean) (Extended)

fredcottof: billy joel never ceases to amaze me. one of the greatest artists of all time.

VosMusiciens: Piano Man - Billy Joel Karaoke, Lyrics, Video

OldtymerzRadio: Billy Joel - Billy Joel-The Downeaster Alexa

TDotMonkey: Billy Joel - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (Official Video)

fortuna_cavezza: Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video)

KiltLyon: Billy Joel - Summer, Highland Falls

uhhmuhhrriee: Alexa play “Vienna.” By Billy Joel,

Ray36704487: Billy Joel The Stranger (Live 1977)

1valentine19: “My mother gently waking me up on the drive to Austin*: “get up, they’re playing Billy Joel on the cnn radio show”

DeskRoyale: Steinway is one of the most famous piano brands in the world. Famous pianists and music icons like Billy Joel and Lang Lang play on Steinway pianos

mmxberr: whoever made the artistic decision to open season two of the boys with pressure by billy joel is getting put in my will

NYTObits: John L. Eastman, a lawyer whose representation of clients like Paul McCartney and Billy Joel made him a force in entertainment, and who played a key part in a power struggle over control of the Beatles’ business in the band's last days, has died at 83.

BongersFM: Kris played: We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel for the 14th time.

mtejadafz: Day 19: A song that makes you think about life. Vienna - Billy Joel

cokelikesbigred: don’t sully billy joel’s good name like that

DrDillamond: the man is copying billy joel and is like “this is such a personal album”

terrybr90233461: Now playing Shameless by Billy Joel!

BusinessInsider: Steinway is one of the most famous piano brands in the world. Famous pianists and music icons like Billy Joel and Lang Lang play on Steinway pianos

_Hits_music_: Always Gretest Hits. Now Uptown girl - Billy Joel on

_Top_Radio: Music, now playing Piano Man (Long Version) - Billy Joel on

DavidLHenning: Billy Joel feat. Paul McCartney - I Saw Her Standing There (Live at Shea Stadium, Queens, NY - July 2008)

BillGauthier: Mood right now. Billy Joel - Baby Grand (Official Video) ft. Ray Charles

NowWdnf: Billy Joel - I Go To Extremes is playing NOW on WDNF-Philly! Submit your music! ALL genres accepted!

Thriving_luos: If you are from Kisumu, then you should have heard about Joel Omino, or went to schools named after him. He was a founding member of Young Kavirondo Association in 1932

ClawniHB2000: Billy Joel - Piano man

stcypt: 3/3 … After lunch, Billy Joel, who had also been with us on the boat, played the piano while Bono sang with the Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof.

BotMeikyoku: Billy Joel - Honesty

wexler: Rupert finding out the Bancrofts accepted his offer for Dow Jones while at Bono’s house on the French Riviera with Jared Kushner and Billy Joel is a next-level Succession episode.

DorothyEubank16: This is why I love Billy Joel!

ZuckerGarrett: Pressbox seats alongside the stage for Billy Joel & Elton John at Giants Stadium. The tickets were a gift from the brother of Crystal Taliaferro of Billy Joel's band. One of the best concerts I have ever seen!

ClassicRadioUSA: Billy Joel - Back In the U.S.S.R.

beebop_patt: on another billy joel kick rn

18phillipse: Billy Joel is so damn good!

hudson_music: LIBERTY: LIFE, BILLY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS The autobiography of Liberty DeVitto, longtime drummer with Billy Joel.

robarcand: "The crucial artist for expanding the residency outside of Las Vegas, however, was Billy Joel"

stradiost11: It's music time Say Goodbye to Hollywood - Billy Joel

seanrobinson1e4: The Bono/Geldof/Billy Joel/Murdoch excerpt in the NYT Kushner book review is a tiny horror film.

Coby_Rich: Do you think Billy Joel washed and returned that younger man’s clothes?

1059WSNP: Billy Joel - Two Thousand Years

aimeelafountain: "Can't Fight the Moonlight" comes on the radio: *Remembers that Hogs and Heifers closed *Remembers the couple you know who used to hang out there got divorced *Realizes "Coyote Ugly" came out some 20 years ago Is this how Billy Joel wrote "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"?!

stonedwaters: Isn't it strange that Bono, Bob Geldof and Billy Joel were hanging out with Jared, Ivanka and Rupert Murdoch? It was in 07 before the ascent of the orange baby, however, Murdoch was still known garbage at the time. Guess it was important to bring Jared and Ivanka back together

EllenLFike: In the words of Billy Joel: Only the good die young.

afrozon21: "Though you can see when you're wrong. You know, you can't always see when you're right." Billy Joel - Vienna

securenet: Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

earlboykins: Not Knicks legend Billy Joel on a yacht with a Murdoch

planet_george: Have I mentioned seeing Billy Joel live at Madison Square Garden is on my bucket list?

isabellavg__: I’ll bet that she knows billy joel ‘cause you played her uptown girl

Rschooley: Does this mean Bono and Billy Joel are now filed under Yacht Rock?

isabellavg__: play her piano but she doesn’t know that I was the one who taught you billy joel

diplomattitude: Wait why are Bono, Billy Joel, and Bob Geldorf hanging out with Murdoch, Trump and Kushner?

NotYourLocalK: Do i enjoy the boys because of the great plot and story telling, or is it because they're more obsessed with billy joel than I am?

LydenFOX9: This is an hysterical & brutal review. But honestly, I do want to know more about the party w/ Bono , Murdoch, Billy Joel, and Kushner. Like, how does that happen?

BoiSimmer: 24. most useless talent: i know all the words to we didn't start the fire by billy joel

radiocalabriafm: BILLY JOEL - THIS IS THE TIME

ivykrow: i'll bet that she knows billy joel cause you played her uptown girl you're singing it together now i bet you even tell her how you love her in between the chorus and the verse

OrangeChuck: In lieu of the birthday of the CD, let’s play a game. First record Album: The Monkees First 8 track: Foghat First cassette:Bobby Brown- My Prerogative First CD: Pink Floyd- The Wall First Download: Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits

drangounchained: listening to billy joel call me hughie campbell

NoodlezAndBroth: Radio station went from playing Evanescence to Billy Joel

superindiekid: Loving “The Boys” and their use of Billy Joel throughout this show.

QueridoJeito: Frases do Billy Joel:

BrightStar205: Billy Joel - The Longest Time

mysticdaisiies: i truly believe that vienna by billy joel is one of the best songs ever created


gold104plays: Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

crosswavesradio: Now Playing on Cross Waves Radio My Life by Billy Joel tune in now!

RadioBeccles: billy joel - uptown girl

akkiitti02: ★Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

we07666press: Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Got Back Together on a Yacht With Rupert Murdoch, Billy Joel, & Bono

ClassicRadioUSA: Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman

evelilyyoung: As a billy joel Stan being in Vienna is v healing. It really waited for me

MsMigot: Watch Billy Joel and Joe Elliott Perform 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'

gwsoma: billy joel is doing a concert on my birthday and i wasn’t personally invited … ok

seligfilmnews: Tickets On Sale for “BILLY JOEL: LIVE AT YANKEE STADIUM” - In Cinemas Worldwide Oct. 5 & 9

thelazysaurus: Dreamt Uma Thurman and Elvis Presley wrote a secret song together that was never recorded and it was the greatest regret of Presley’s life, but it was finally found by Billy Joel and that’s how we got Uptown Girl.

PaulHurlburt3: Now playing Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel!

windcriestere: The DJ in my head is spinning some Billy Joel this morning. Don't ask me why.

WZIGfm: You're Only Human (Second Wind) | Billy Joel | Collected Additional Masters

3FMradiomusic: Now Playing: 'SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN' by 'BILLY JOEL'

anyagron: every time i think of a new idea for wally west 2029 i slowly start to think it's an ACTUAL good idea and that is very dangerous for me who 100 relates to billy joel vienna

filofleabag: Headphones. Feet up. Conked out. Vienna by Billy Joel blasting. This is some life

Top_Radio_: Do you like the best music? Listen now WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE - BILLY JOEL on

enspencer: The last 2 times I’ve turned on the local soft rock station it has played, in order: (1) Outkast, Billy Joel’s The Longest Time, Spin Doctors, and (2) Ceelo, Billy Joel’s The Longest Time, Gin Blossoms. They’ve cracked the code

PaulHurlburt3: Now playing My Life by Billy Joel!

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