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basedbrickpush1: Bill Cosby seems to be everybody's role model Most people do their best to be liked by everyone But just like good ol' Bill, they usually hide ulterior motives

Courtney_HK: Oh Bill Cosby is a sick nigga.

konglucrc: Since i was then smart enough to be aware of the harm of what they were doing with it already before they had shown themselves, and tried to at least state the problem. This was the outcome for my life. They already knew the outcome of what they and Bill Cosby were doing.

TWalz187: Bruh he looks like bill cosby this is not cool

konglucrc: So who was she? The girl Bill Cosby used for this task... Their she is

Blaxunshine: not a coward even if Ive spotted Bill Cosby in my underpants

1UPSnow: Nigga that’s Bill Cosby

alex_fetters: Bro looks like Bill Cosby

850_205: Look like Bill Cosby

PrezStayTrue: Look like bron shannon sharpe and bill Cosby

TonyaGJPrince: Myth: "Only Older Black women were/are protective of the likes of R. Kelly, Bill Cosby etc." Black people of all age groups/M/F are protective of predators mostly due to distrust of the criminal justice system, police, & historic demonizing of Black males.

LarryWoover: Nigga look like Bill Cosby

asobbingnerd: Like, Vic Mignogna fans, do you think Bill Cosby is innocent? Do you think Harvey Weinstein is a victim? Or is it just actors you had a crush on in middle school?

itsryannnnn: Black folks defending Bill Cosby make me sick!! I will argue down into the ground about that old perv

RobParkerFS1: Totally disagree. What happens is after the first case goes public other women realize the same thing happened to them and the come forward. It happened to Bill Cosby.

Dajuanmax1: Kawhi look like Bill Cosby and Giannis look like Sheldon Williams

KingOfNegro: Nigga that’s bill Cosby

P3RCSZN: That Bill Cosby joke was INSANE

thenecklaced0n: He looks like Bill Cosby

logan_newton: Bill Cosby???

Zacharronni: This bill magic Cosby Johnson. I aint dumb

GangSignJohn: Looks like Bill Cosby and Ray Allen had a baby

devnull73: I love that Bill Cosby's last album was called "Far from Finished..."

treewyd: dude looking like Bill Cosby LMFAOOO

_JEANIUS_: No bullshit... When Bill Cosby check is when yall gon see an immeasurable amount of divide on the TL... Think pieces every 1.5 scrolls.

noaajinell: wtf Bill Cosby was released from jail????

Julianyc422Shaw: In 1961 he became a staple in the comedy clubs, Dick Gregory. Dick should have had a TV Show. CRT example also. Bill Cosby was non threatening in the 60s and 70s and didn't talk about race.

Strandjunker: Everyone knew about R. Kelly. Everyone knew about Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein. Everyone knew about the Catholic priests. Everyone knew about Trump. I am so tired of people protecting rich perverts, keeping their dark secrets for decades. So damn tired.

BullNamed_GUS: I always knew Business Bill Cosby was the biggest fraud on the internet

TheWildTrouble: The next film I’m doing is this one. Tbh, I’d rather watch a woman getting raped or a child getting murdered in a graphic horror film than a Bill Cosby film. I won’t really be able to be biased. Sorry, I know some of you were waiting for me to cover this one. I must disappoint!

_DenizenX: Didn't Bill Cosby go to prison for this isht?

stevie_brett: Serial rapists never get a second chance…wait. What? Bill Cosby is out of jail? He’s doing stand up again?


TheRoot: W. Kamau Bell: We Need To Talk About Bill Cosby

darealwashu: People in Trump world are being indicted and charged left and right. Yes most of them have been at this illegal activity for decades but don’t let their age fool you, you put Bill Cosby in jail so age does not matter or health.

lewis_sigman: Dr Fauci reminds me of bill Cosby.

ProfBlacktruth: When it came to Bill Cosby there was NO problem chasing him over decades-old false accusations. And he was convicted by a DA and judge who deliberately and egregiously broke the law to do it. But when it comes to white killers like Carolyn Bryant...

Bison4Life: His reputation is in tatters but Bill Cosby.The lanes get paved especially on television we’re groundbreaking for the time.

rubyncomedy: White people are more upset that Bill Cosby is free than Carolyn Bryant never facing charges for the murder of a black child.


TyroneA02166534: rid a dictator a republican Dr Anderson . billl Cosby work . dy 378:6;999 . nikd . Bill Cosby . Facebook . mr dad .. milk . Matthew . james . derek . hotel room . fornication . decided . . happy milk in . carcinoma . corons . 3%|| .aids awareness . monarb I8:

Mongarr: Bill Cosby

NickyJames: We Need To Talk About Bill Cosby is such a good documentary

Variety: "I understand that, in the same way that that I will always be the guy who talked to the KKK, I’m now always going to be the guy who directed the Cosby doc, so I have to accept that. I did it."

KepooGaul: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." Bill Cosby

geneparmesan783: Probably 46 babies crying on my flight home YOUR KID ISNT GONNA REMEMBER THE BILL COSBY HANDPRINT STAR

BlueBoxDave: Delete it? No. Bill Cosby is a hero.

RaulSantos_3: Just watched the movie Jack it’s kind of weird knowing what Robin Williams n Bill Cosby each did

JLaCocaina: I couldn’t imagine taking a drink from a man, passing out, and not knowing wtf he did to me while I was unconscious. Omg. That shit is some sick shit. Bill Cosby’s chocolate chip face ass should still be in jail.

BadTwitBot: Tonight is a new Spencer: Acknowledging Bill Cosby and talking about gravity of office, history & equality.

absurdistdream: “Is that the same kind of joke as the one about Bill Cosby being framed a customer told me?” Is easily the best line in a show I have heard in a while.

simmons1: Now playing Bill Cosby Goes To Jail by THE MARKET World Trade News!

BlueBoxDave: Bill Cosby is an American hero. And he was destroyed because the left couldn’t stand his idea that black people can achieve in America.

TheInvi80692073: 'Several women who have been in a relationship with Ms Heard have come forward to share theur personal experiences of brutal violence' Bill Cosby. Harvey Weinstein. Josef Fritzl. Abusers never target just one person...

yanaki4567: Remember when The Lancet had to retract their paper on HCQ because the data from Surgisphere was fraudulent and this paper was used as evidence to dismiss HCQ’s effectiveness? The Lancet is a respected journal the same way Bill Cosby is an admired comedian.

inmyownlaneAF2D: Y’all think r kelly worse than bill cosby?

ai_dreambot: Last night, I dreamed that I was having a party with Bill Cosby, Keith Hernandez and Albert Pujols. I also invited some people that I knew would be there: an old man who used to work at the grocery store in my neighborhood, Carl Reiner, and David Crosby's daughter.

TheSharkCarBot: Garfield kicks Bill Cosby off the table

EmmetTamid: “Nothing good can come from making Trump nervous,” Schneider said. “It’s like asking Bill Cosby to top off your drink.” - Rob Schneider

schyunkr: I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. —Bill Cosby

mementodecrux: Remembering back in the day on Fridays mom would get us a frozen pizza from Aldi’s and sometimes we’d get to pick out a movie rental from the Piggly Wiggly, it was almost always “Bill Cosby: Himself” or whatever Jackie Chan move they happened to have at the time.

GoldOldies: Now Playing On

Ryaninpain: R Kelley and Bill Cosby is proof the system doesn’t wanna see a black man winning

simmons1: Now playing Bill Cosby Goes To Jail by THE MARKET World Trade News!


EMMAtateMeBitch: Should of been discussing bill Cosby want talk about shit

elshushe: Tweet escrito por Bill cosby

allymcgeorge: Just did a one-time only awesome impression of Ken Bruce. Up there with my Bill Cosby and Meatloaf

mauvestoplight: Why is everyone reverting back to 1980s conservative talking points? This sounds like some shit Bill Cosby would say

dani_soraya: Bill Cosby

IsCentrist: Bill Cosby is a centrist

schyunkr: I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. —Bill Cosby

TruvybeR: Now Playing Bill Cosby - Senor Blues TruVybe Radio

thingscloves: Yes, a citizen using their right to appeal, just like John Depp is, is challenging a woman's "professionalism" and is not at all doing the same thing many people, like Bill Cosby's victims, needed to do to receive justice.

HiddenAblog: Prosecutors in Bill Cosby Case Are Asking For A Re-Trial

fakeTakeDump: Ring ring. Hello Bill Cosby. My teeth just Bruce Jenner some Smurf.

MeechieMeee: IDC IDC IDC!!!!!!! If yall can put BILL COSBY old ass in jail yall can put CAROLYN BRYANT WRINKLED ASS UNDER THAT BITCH! You can tell’em i said it!

NYTFeatures: The Rich Allergist of Bill Cosby

ymam57: {"quote": "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.", "author": "Bill Cosby"},

TTrambx: "We need to talk about Bill Cosby" is definitely worth a watch on Showtime. It goes over all the good he's done in his career, and obviously the bad. Interviews with people that worked with him over the years as well as some of the victims. 4 episodes, about an hour long each.

pokemonbot___: CoroCoro just leaked, and a brand new Legendary Pokémon for Gen 11 was revealed! It's called Bill Cosby!

ShowdownBot: Who would win in a knock-down-drag-out? 3 unwed mothers or 10 clones of Bill Cosby?

bigpapuci: the only difference between Kobe and Bill Cosby is the amount of women they raped

simmons1: Now playing Bill Cosby Goes To Jail by THE MARKET World Trade News!

mishanostrovia: A movie about incubuses but instead of a studly demon daddy, they all look and speak like Bill Cosby.

shinjisquadbot: [Friday, October 4, 2013 8:24 PM] Maxie: Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right!

Prudro01: This is a not very well kept secret. Even the Bill Cosby conviction doesn't seem to have convinced many people of the truth of these claims. No matter how many kids come forward, the world seems to not care to know.

JscottFrancis4: “I took my kids to see Bill Cosby do standup. They don’t understand what’s going on with him. They see a funny comedian and want to meet him.”

The_Faiz_Phase: Cardi B vs Bill Cosby as fortnite characters

RandomNews5: Is Cleared to Serve as Adviser Bill Cosby, “Free Kesha” Emojis For Lazy Critics Of Rape Culture ends with 29 dead, 11 rescued in New York: The 2nd Avenue Subway

simmons1: Now playing Bill Cosby Goes To Jail by THE MARKET World Trade News!

fakeTakeDump: Hi Reba. Mail from Best Buy. Dear Pee, Sorry I didn't write, I've been sick with PMS. Fart, Bill Cosby.

bombadil6: Remembering Robert Culp of I Spy on his B'day, here(R) with Bill Cosby in a promo.

PopeFlatus: Page 1: "Do not accept drinks offered by Bill Cosby."



fakeTakeDump: MBP projects that the great state of DIARRHEA goes to BILL COSBY, 52.4% to 46.3% over Obama Sin Laden

flyguybanks11: If they can get rkelly and bill Cosby 20 and 30 yrs later why haven’t they went after the group who did Woodstock? Just want that same energy

shinjisquadbot: [Friday, October 4, 2013 8:24 PM] Maxie: Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right!

illmatic_kid: Cee-Lo was doing the same thing as Bill Cosby right?

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