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A young Ugandan poet singer as and songwriter. An enthusiast of creative writing and the author of "The Noisy Silence" a Ugandan poetry anthology. He is a student of English language and literature at Kyambogo university Kampala Uganda. The founder of "Psychic Poetry" a young student poets movement. Okurut was born and raised in a family of teachers, he started reading poetry and prose fiction at an early age. He wrote his first poem in 2013 and started compiling his famous anthology "The Noisy Silence" at the age four years after. His unique wit and pun and African craftsmanship makes him an outstanding young writer. His works like "pride", "A piece of clay", and " The testicles of a foolish man received a lot of attention hence establishing him into the writing world. Okurut's satire ha...
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Bernard Gabriel Okurut Poems

  • This Coward I Have Become.
    I almost speak up,
    But your beauty shuts me up.
    I guess I need your help
    To overcome this coward I have become....
  • For Without You, I Don't Know Who I Am.
    ...but a few lines of poorly written verse
    Won't speak to your heart.
    Am thinking of a bad joke not to crack, ...
  • Art!
    A giant rotten egg
    Clothed in a golden shell
    With nothing but outer beauty to sell...
  • Light-years
    The sum
    of all the stars
    wouldn't make
    half your worth. ...
  • She Asked Why....
    She asked why
    I did not fall for her,
    I scratched my head and said
    " you are perfectly built, ...
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