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Born 16th September 2000....
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  • The Traitors
    Them with overhanging brows
    Are the traitors to ourselves
    Who hang with dauntless breast
    And sail a ship of gossip ...
  • Death Why Dost Thou Kill The Youngst?
    The grey are borers
    Who suck the life remnant
    Of the youngst and watch
    Them clash cycles on the highways ...
  • The Ephemeral Of Life
    Life is a long but narrow route
    All travellers a day must cross
    Again a short thinned passage
    All welfares’ must trample upon ...
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Drowning is not so pitiful
 by Emily Dickinson


Drowning is not so pitiful
As the attempt to rise
Three times, 'tis said, a sinking man
Comes up to face the skies,
And then declines forever
To that abhorred abode,

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