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Ben Affleck Books, Ben Affleck poetry book Streets and the Shaping of Towns and Cities Authors: Michael Southworth, Eran Ben-Joseph
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Changing nature of suburban street design in America and Great Britain over the past two centuries. Street design and their effects on neighborhood character and livability.

Ben Affleck Books, Ben Affleck poetry book True Crime Narratives Authors: Ben Harrison
Publisher: Magill Bibliographies
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Reference
Takes the reader on an exploration of this genre, from the mid-nineteenth century through 1993.

Ben Affleck Books, Ben Affleck poetry book The River and Firth of Clyde, 1549-1993 Authors: Ben Cohen (F.R.C.S.)
Published Date: 2008
Categories: Clyde, River (Scotland)
"An annotated bibliography of materials from the sixteenth through the twentieth century concerning the river and Firth of Clyde in Scotland. Topics include bridges, charts, maps, harbours, biology and pollution, in thirteen sections, alphabetically arranged, and five appendices. Reprint of the 1995 edition, with index revised to include place names"--Provided by publisher.

Ben Affleck Books, Ben Affleck poetry book Ships of the Royal Navy Authors: J. J. Colledge, Ben Warlow
Publisher: Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal
Published Date: 2003
Categories: History
Table of contents

Ben Affleck Books, Ben Affleck poetry book Tricks of the Trade Authors: Ben Tyler
Publisher: Kensington Books
Published Date: 2002-06-01
When all-American actor Jim Fallon's appetite for virile young guys is exposed, he's about to tell all, with a little help from Rod Dominguez and Bart Cain who's been looking for just such an opportunity.

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O fairest flower no sooner blown but blasted,
Soft silken Primrose fading timelesslie,
Summers chief honour if thou hadst outlasted
Bleak winters force that made thy blossome drie;
For he being amorous on that lovely die
That did thy cheek envermeil, thought to kiss

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