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  • Sam Holt
    (Air: "Ben Bolt.")

    Oh! don't you remember Black Alice, Sam Holt-- ...
  • Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo
    (Air: "Wearing of the Green.")

    If you want a situation, I'll just tell you the plan ...
  • The Overlander
    There's a trade you all know well--
    It's bringing cattle over--
    I'll tell you all about the time
    When I became a drover. ...
  • Sunny New South Wales
    We often hear men boast about the land which gave them birth,
    And each one thinks his native land the fairest spot on earth;
    In beauty, riches, power, no land can his surpass;
    To his, all other lands on earth cannot even hold a glass. ...
  • The Swagman
    Kind friends, pray give attention
    To this, my little song.
    Some rum things I will mention,
    And I'll not detain you long. ...
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Never 95 Away 86 Good 84 Long 77 Great 67 Night 67 Time 64 Head 62 Town 61 Thought 56

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DEAD, with their eyes to the foe,
Dead, with the foe at their feet;
Under the sky laid low
Truly their slumber is sweet,
Though the wind from the Camp of the
Slain Men blow,
And the rain on the wilderness beat.


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