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  • Contentmo: writers inspirational quotes begin with another's to end with your own. - baltasar gracian
  • Eenwere: do not live by certain fixed rules, except those that relate to the cardinal virtues, for you may have to drink the water tomorrow which you cast today. - baltasar gracian
  • Thehmproa: "the best skill at cards is knowing when to discard." ― baltasar gracián
  • Bsteingraeber: if it is a great lesson in life to know how to deny, it is a still greater to know how to deny oneself as regards both affairs and persons. there are extraneous occupations which eat away precious time.- baltasar gracian
  • Aimburlove3: “the real danger of a world in chaos is the unhinging of your own integrity” - the wisdom of baltasar gracián
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SANDALWOOD, you say, and in your thoughts it chimes
With Tyre and Solomon; to me it rhymes
With places bare upon Pacific mountains,
With spaces empty in the minds of men.

The Kings of Hawaii call out their men,
The men go up the mountains in files;

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