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Arthur Henry Adams (6 June 1872 – 4 March 1936) was a journalist and author. He started his career in New Zealand, though he spent most of it in Australia, and for a short time resided in China and London.

Biography Arthur Adams was born in Lawrence, New Zealand, and educated at the University of Otago, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and began studying law. He then abandoned law to become a journalist in Wellington, where he began contributing poetry to The Bulletin, a Sydney periodical. He moved to Sydney in 1898, and took up a position as private secretary and literary advisor to J.C. Williamson, a noted theatrical manager.

In 1900 Adams travelled to China to cover the Boxer Rebellion as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald a...
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Arthur Henry Adams Poems

  • Grey Eyes
    SHE glanced across the path to me,
    Grey eyes!
    Her looks were kisses plain to see.
    I gave her glances back to herâ?? ...
  • To My Love
    â??PAINT me,â? you said, â??a poem; give to me
    A breathing thought that I may keep to kiss!�
    While that low laugh that aye a mandate is
    Nestled upon your lips. Call memory ...
  • Rain In The Bush
    The steady soaking of the rain,
    The bush all sad and sombre;
    The trees are weeping in their pain,
    Dank leaves the ground encumber. ...
  • The Dwellings Of Our Dead
    They lie unwatched, in waste and vacant places,
    In sombre bush or wind-swept tussock spaces,
    Where seldom human tread
    And never human trace isâ?? ...
  • Blossom Of Life
    SO now she lies silent and sweet
    With white flowers at her head and feet,
    And she, the fairest flower, between.
    The bud that with her bosom's swell ...
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  • Dansrambles: also fun fact: chet arthur was a former whig, much like henry clay and john quincy adams
  • Ianmorrisonco: a lot of presidents sound like equity actors john f. kennedy franklin d. roosevelt warren g. harding james a. garfield chester a. arthur john quincy adams william henry harrison james k. polk ulysses s. grant harry s truman dwight d. eisenhower lyndon b. johnson george w. bush
  • Louveplaise: "the individual or the race would be educated on the same lines of illusion, which, according to arthur balfour, had not essentially varied down to the year 1900."—henry adams, the education of, 'an appetite for power'
  • Genesmeads: june 28 hannah branch married charles hanney 1812 david henry jones born 1870 arthur george hooper born 1879 ben howard meads born 1880 lee steer born 1968 shane steer born 1968 alfred reed adams died 2005
  • Spill_words: a pair of lovers in the street a poem by arthur henry adams a pair of lovers in the street! i dare not mock: with reverence meet my unforgetting heart i cheat. ah, god, spare me—so soon again at the barred door to
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