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Arthur Davison Ficke (November 10, 1883 – November 30, 1945) was an American poet, playwright, and expert of Japanese art. Ficke had a national reputation as "a poet's poet", and "one of America's most expert sonneteers". Under the alias Anne Knish, Ficke co-authored Spectra (1916). Intended as a spoof of the experimental verse which was fashionable at the time, the collection of strange poems unexpectedly caused a sensation among modernist critics which eclipsed Ficke's recognition as a traditional prose stylist. Ficke is also known for his relationship with poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

After several years of illness, Ficke committed suicide in 1945.


A native of Davenport, Iowa, Ficke is associated with other local writers known as the Davenp...
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Arthur Davison Ficke Poems

  • The Three Sisters
    Gone are the three, those sisters rare
    With wonder-lips and eyes ashine.
    One was wise and one was fair,
    And one was mine....
  • I Am In Love With High Far-seeing Places
    I am in love with high far-seeing places
    That look on plains half-sunlight and half-storm,-
    In love with hours when from the circling faces
    Veils pass, and laughing fellowship glows warm....
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Good 1 Wise 1 Hair 1 High 1 Grave 1 Capture 1 Warm 1 Storm 1 Face 1 Moment 1

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Nathanielcran11: serenade in firelight by arthur davison ficke sit here where i could touch your hand if that should be my sudden will: among the shadows where we wait i shall not stir.
1buprof3n: “nobody speaks to me. people fall in love with me, and annoy me and distress me and flatter me and excite me and all that sort of thing. but no one speaks to me. i sometimes think that no one can. can you?” - edna st. vincent millay, from a letter to arthur davison ficke
Zainab_twt: — edna st. vincent millay, from a letter to arthur davison ficke
Clinicallyglum: strykerlancer: — edna st. vincent millay, from a letter to arthur davison ficke
Mayacpopa: “you and i have almost achieved that which is never achieved: we sit in each other’s souls.” — edna st. vincent millay in a letter to arthur davison ficke, 24 january 1922
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