Who is Arrkimong Jamir

A boy who is trying to connect words to reality...
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Arrkimong Jamir Poems

  • Evening Of The Eighth
    The dancing music in evening of the eight;
    the twentieth street bar
    as i stood there pondering, a mellifluous' tone struck my mind
    a white figured, resembling like an 'angel' performing ...
  • Enough Of Racism
    Racism is still alive all over
    It's not an inborn quality nor an honor of pride,
    It has been taught and passed on.
    Many face this and fight against it ...
  • Summer Night
    In the summer evening
    On your Sixteenth birthday
    We got a matching tattoo.
    Getting drunk from the 29 Streets; ...
  • Humanity
    The world is not what it was -
    Filled with purity , love , respect,
    Everything resembled our mother earth.
  • Expose
    You pretend to hide
    You pretend to act
    Kept distance;
    Ran away from reality ...
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Arrkimong Jamir Quotes

  • far way,far way we have seen it we have felt it amare, amare my. dear
  • And the multiverse brought us here - To be loved or to be sacrificed It's either 'the' way.
  • We watched the same moon distance apart dancing in the mist; the glimmering moon
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