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I'm Archie M'Daniel Waugh-Kehimkar, born from Christian Missionary Bible Women Mother and Dad from Jewish community of Kehimkar family of Raigad district of Kihim village.I'm total handy man, loves hiking, trekking, writing poems, loves and do farming, gardening, reading, cooking all types and sorts of food, can survive in any crucial situation of life. A great believer in Creative, Begotten and Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Believes in loving, sharing and caring to every person whosoever has breathe in him/her...life is beautiful... Love every one, be united... Always carry burden of other person so that your life will be easy to live. God dwells in each and every person... O the Universe and it's people be away from Guns and Terrorism... Let the universe be in peace. ...
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  • Don't Quit, Say I Can...
    Life is a queer with its twist and turn,
    As every one of us sometimes learns,
    And many failures turn about,
    Don't give up though the pace seems slow, ...
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Dear 1 Slow 1 Triumph 1 Decide 1 Worst 1 Wrong 1 Failure 1 Great 1 Fight 1 Crown 1

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