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Apollos Alpha, Born in Bauchi, Nigeria. Studying at The University of Jos, Nigeria Is a Poet, a Producer and a story Writer. Alpha developed interest in poetry when he was 15, though not being a literature student he have always possessed a strong passion for literature. He look up to poets like Maya Angelou, Anne sexton, Christopher Rudolph, Wole Soyinka, Richard Ntiru and other African Poets. He is currently working on a Poem album titled "Unchained" to be released on 4th February 2019....
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  • Nonetheless, I Love You
    They think you're wayward and crazy
    They say you're past is ugly 'n' fady
    They think you're arrogant 'n' proud
    They say what they want open loud ...
  • Growing Up

    Look at us, we're growing up
    Aint no endline for us to stop ...
  • Isaac!
    Behold the wood and the fire
    I see no lamb as we climb the rock higher
    You should worry not my son
    God provides, the lamb will come ...
  • Jojo's Choice
    But what if Joseph never fled
    From potiphers wife's bed

    He would have been caught and muted ...
  • View From The Window
    I know you want it so much
    Lingering by the window, you watch
    The women, the money, the pleasure
    You wish to hold such treasure ...
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