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  • 1.
    This pig went to market,
    That pig staid at home;
    This pig had roast meat,
    That pig had none;
  • 2.
    What did I do, sonny, in the Great World War?
    Well, I learned to peel potatoes and to scrub the barrack floor.
    I learned to push a barrow and I learned to swing a pick,
    I learned to turn my toes out, and to make my eyeballs click.
  • 3.
    WHILE going the road to sweet Athy,
    Hurroo! hurroo!
    While going the road to sweet Athy,
    Hurroo! hurroo!
  • 4.
    COME all ye lads and lassies and listen to me a while,
    And I-ll sing for you a verse or two will cause you all to smile;
    It-s all about a young man, and I-m going to tell you now,
    How he lately came a-courting of the Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe.
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