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  • Theidlerslay: you can always trust anna chlumsky to be mother
  • Grantisdumb: anna chlumsky in they/them
  • Hunter_wesley: inventing anna and they/them is not the post-veep career i envisioned for anna chlumsky.
  • Oblivionflmclub: kevin bacon, theo germaine and anna chlumsky were the only highlights of this mediocre slasher film that takes place in a conversion camp. often times the film ran the same mediocre slasher trope, kinda of an insult to gay people and the entire horror genre. rating:★★
  • Stratsspeaks: anna chlumsky should be in more things tho.
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In Memoriam A. H. H. OBIIT MDCCCXXXIII: Part 075
 by Alfred Lord Tennyson

I leave thy praises unexpress'd
In verse that brings myself relief,
And by the measure of my grief
I leave thy greatness to be guess'd;

What practice howsoe'er expert
In fitting aptest words to things,
Or voice the richest-toned that sings,

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