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Aline Murray Kilmer (August 1, 1888 – October 1, 1941), was an American poet, children's book author, and essayist, and the wife and widow of poet and journalist Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918). The couple attended Rutgers College Preparatory School and married shortly after his graduation from Columbia University in 1908.

In their short marriage, lasting 10 years, her husband had achieved fame as a poet, literary critic and among Catholic circles as America's most prominent Catholic writer. After his death in World War I, she began publishing her own poetry and a few children's books. Today, her work is largely forgotten.


She was born as Aline Murray on August 1, 1888, in Norfolk, Virginia, the daughter of Ada (née Foster) Murray, a poet; and Kento...
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Aline Kilmer Poems

  • Prevision
    I know you are too dear to stay;
    You are so exquisitely sweet:
    My lonely house will thrill some day
    To echoes of your eager feet....
  • Ambition
    Kenton and Deborah, Michael and Rose,
    These are fine children as all the world knows,
    But into my arms in my dreams every night
    Come Peter and Christopher, Faith and Delight....
  • A Wind Rose In The Night
    A wind rose in the night,
    (She had always feared it so!)
    Sorrow plucked at my heart
    And I could not help but go....
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Timenowblog: always grateful to have had this chance to write on wwi poet aline kilmer.
Lucylondon7: aline's mother, ada foster murray, was also a poet. a very talented family.
Akhtarm78672244: love's lantern joyce kilmer - 1886-1918 (for aline)
Lkdolph: aline kilmer! i was lucky enough to hear peter present/speak on aline at awp. so good!
Wrathbt: peter! molin! on aline kilmer! what better reading could you hope for?
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