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Alexis Karpouzos is an Greek-born Philosopher, Spiritual Teacher and Author, Founder of the International Center of Learning, Research and Culture in Greece. The center has contacts and partnerships in 15 countries. More than 10.000 people have participated in the lessons and community's actions.Our goal is to create a spiritual experience in consciousness worldwide, where people recognize that we are all part of an interconnected whole. The community's activities include residential courses and conferences. The Community also runs discussion groups, social activities, art workshops, produces events, publishes books and videos in Greece. Apart from its educational and research aspects, the community organizes, develops and takes part in a self-organized actions: ·Art Actions (visual a...
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Alexis Karpouzos Poems

  • An Exquisite Imperfection
    Love came and whisper to me,
    your life is finite,
    and you an exquisite imperfection,
    someday you will fall like the leaves ...
  • We're In The Dark
    We're in the dark,
    a veil in our eyes,
    the light is mixed with the shadows,
    chained souls in the cave of habit, ...
  • Is Our Fate - Alexis Karpouzos
    i know that i shall meet my shadow,
    one day, is our fate. I know that, someday,
    the light ends for us and the deadly gravity
    will absorb us. And again, a magician spark ...
  • Little By Little
    Little b y ittle,
    we will turn into stars,
    little by little
    we will turn into the infinite universe, ...
  • Be Like The Sun
    Be like the sun
    for grace and mercy.
    Be like running water
    for generosity. ...
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Alexis Karpouzos Quotes

  • We are human beings and ought to be here for each other, as revercently, as lovingly, by teaching the language of tolerance, of justice as we would before the entrance to immortality. i know that underneath the mess of our differences everything is common, just think about it.
  • The world does not consist of subjects and objects, the “subject” and the “object” are metaphysical abstractions of the single and indivisible Wholeness. Man’s finite knowledge separates the Whole into parts and studies fragmentarily the beings. The Wholeness is manifested in multiple forms and each form encapsulates the Wholeness” Alexis karpouzos
  • “The time has come to give back our heart to itself, to light the spark to eye, to stay vigil with yearning on lips so, open your wings, beat your feathers and will rising again on the heaven, on the heaven which only is higher than the heaven.'' Alexis karpouzos
  • We can't communicate the incommuunicable, we can't explain the inconceivable, life's fullness forever lies in wait about each one of us, and the lonely emptiness of existence is permanent, but a star deep in our heart lead us the way home. Alexis karpouzos
  • We are so tiny under the vast sky, our mankind home is just a tiny speck in the immeasurable reaches of a boundless universe, we find an immense and highly ordered system of galaxies stars and planets, all moving with great precision, the heavenly wisdom vibrates in our hearts Alexis karpouzos
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