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She was born into a polygamous family in the year 2001,attended Nurudeen nur/pry school and Unique group of school.Attended St. Anthony juniour school and graduated in the year 2015,attended P&P Comprehensive College where i completed my secondary school in the year 2018 ...
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  • Diety
    A little diety
    What can be compare with thee
    An idol that undergo a lot of stress
    Thou art more caring and lovely ...
  • War
    War! A mystic of nature
    Where gun sound turns to music of the town
    Hope is doubtless for the creature
    Days are spent in dismay and sadness ...
  • Death
    Death! A great disaster
    Indeed a great calamity
    It turns an ocean to a desert
    It can't be escape by the skin of one's teeth... ...
  • Father
    Father is a man like no other
    He gave his child life and nurtured him
    One whose can't be compared with others
    He has astounding self controlling heart for him ...
  • Love
    Love oh love!
    Love is an allusion
    The thought of it makes one sleepless
    Love is a passing breeze ...
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Great 3 Hard 2 Earth 2 Share 1 Stress 1 Town 1 Young 1 Moment 1 Gaze 1 Skin 1

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ALABI SOMAD: U have a good biography

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