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PaddyJManning: Green Agenda is Enforced Poverty Agenda, for the already poor it is the Starvation Agenda. All the pushers , Al Gore, Mary Robinson, Greta Thunberg, Eamon Ryan make a good living trying to make us poor

stump54jumper: those that think they can control the climate with contributions, are nothing but scam artist like the rain makers of old! all those with predictions of climate crisis like al "gimme ur money to pay for my 69 AC units" gore & chicken greta little have yet to come true!

fru1tp1e: Sometimes I think about Al Gore's "lockbox" and I get so sad and angry for what could have been We were all robbed in 2000, in too many ways to calculate

MikeOhio1776: The Climate "Experts" Have Been Way Off for a Long Time AP (1989): "Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth ... by the year 2000." Al Gore (2006): "The North pole will be ice-free in the summer by 2013 because of man-made global warming."

Sterlin62523982: 1-2 The Climate "Experts" Have Been Way Off for a Very Long Time AP (1989): "Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth ... by the year 2000." Al Gore (2006): "The North pole will be ice-free in the summer by 2013 because of man-made global warming."

blahaj_blast: I have a ton of memories of people thinking Al Gore was crazy back during the 2000s elections because he was talking about global warming but I have no idea if it was a general thing that people thought it was crazy or if it was just my family since I was so young lmao

FrantzFrantz15: Sorry Al Gore and Greta Thunberg and the rest of the Climate Change $ Fraudsters The Implausibility of a Net Zero Carbon Energy Future is Now Obvious

KathyBu15179268: Send Bill Gates on one of Elon's rocket's to see if he can fix it. Heck fire, take the inventor of the internet, Al Gore with him. I hear his global warming theory has frozen up.

LotfTagsBot: Al Gore

welfordwrites: Airplane travel is Nature’s way of making you look like your passport photograph. Al Gore

tan123: Pohl: "Al Gore's own investment fund is based in the Cayman Islands because Al Gore doesn't wanna pay taxes on all of the millions of dollars...he makes out of selling climate solutions."

RobinApplebyMD: . ....Al Gore predicted in 2007 that by 2013 our grandchildren would not know what SNOW is. Last Friday...Utah broke the RECORD for snowpack with more than 700 inches of snow this season. But Dummies still believe in GLOBAL WARMING, no snow or polar ice & Gore got $ millions

WheatNOil: Okay, but which Al? Al Gore? Al Pacino? Weird Al? Wait, did a guy named 'Al' write this report?

GregWest_HALOJM: We need to minimize our carbon footprint and follow the example set by Al Gore! Just look how miniscule his carbon footprint is! He's certainly leading by example, if you're talking about hypocrisy!

gregcjpg: My God, what has happened to our state? We had thoughtful politicians, Al Gore, Jr., Lamar Alexander, Howard Baker, Fred Thompson, Bob Corker, Bragg, John Hood, John Wilder... none were perfect, but they did vote for the best for Tennessee. Get rid of guns!

tru_melo: Ekare le ka itlhela ele gore CEO ya HB Antwerp ke reportaraya Al Jezeera! Kea itse le tlabe le bua bo hewee hewee he had no right to record the conversation he had with your president!

SaneSceptic: Another monument to Al Gore's "truth" about snow

WhittyPics: Second 'Giant Hole' Appears on Sun: Solar Winds to Hit Earth This Week Damn you Al Gore

miked1ck: have u ever tried to convince chatgpt that al gore invented the internet?

MastellonePhil: Al mealtime Gore

wideawake_media: Multi-millionaire climate alarmists, Al Gore and John Kerry, telling you the polar ice caps will melt by 2014. Why do people continue to listen to the ridiculous doomsday scenarios pushed by climate alarmists, that NEVER come to pass? When will people realise that all of it…

listen_2learn: Global technocratic fascist totalitarian governance being ushered in under the guise of “climate change”. Besides being a traitor, Al Gore is supposedly a member of the Committee of 300.

stevenKloppLFC2: I’ve always wanted a group of people to circle around me and they’re like “Ste get sturdy” “Yo get sturdy” and I’m like “chill chill” and then all of the sudden I get sturdy and everyone goes crazy and they’re like “oh shit oh shit” “yo Ste hit that shit”

gianticecube: Al Gore breathes

bango1919: Why is everyone mad at Al Gore’s rhythm

rbradford159: AND....I didn't have to charge a mil & a half for the sage BS like they do, Gore et al...?

vandersqwill: South Park was the first time i heard of al gore


1Swinging_Voter: Albanese channeling Al Gore on the TV again. He is unhinged. Batten down Australia. The next few years are going to hurt. Albanese just did a Gillard and really got into bed with Greens. Slow learners. 'Real Solutions'? Hang on?

thekaipullai: You see, Al Gore had launched his presidency campaign for 2000. And Clinton felt that this will give him a leg up over the other contender, a certain George Bush. Al Gore even announced the next version of GPS. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work.

thekaipullai: Thanks to Florida and some fraud ballots, Al gore lost the elections. But what we got, was unfiltered and awesome GPS. Then, Advancement in semiconductor allowed us to put GPS receivers in Phones, which allowed them to plot the exact location of the device.

Gordo13755245: All sensible people. We have to push to get rid of the Electoral College. We won several general elections but they were stolen at the Electoral College - Al Gore, Hillary. No more. It needs to be gone. It serves no purpose in a free and fair election where every vote counts

JeffreyStClair3: Tough on crime Al Gore was the first to publicly raise the "weekend pass" furloughs (Willie Horton) against Dukakis in the 1988 NY primary debate. Jim Pinkerton and Floyd Brown took it from there....

ExpatJake: Almost as much as John Kerry & Al Gore , the difference is Shell provided a product that kept people warm and got them to work, Kerry & Gore just took the money , I wonder if they filled their private jets with Shell ?

ChudyMark: So, Carbon Credits are a Scam. Who would expect anything else from the Griftiest of all Grifters…El Grifto Al Gore

CreolaSoul: Until John Kerry, Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and Joe Biden are willing to confront China on their emissions, I too will continue to believe there’s no problem.

johnb78: The redefinition of the Holocaust to refer to solely the murder of Jews and not also Roma, LGBTQ people, etc is an absolutely baffling and unnerving new thing - anyone have any material on where it comes from?

spstutters: Why is al Gore fight so hard kms

BelovedBluv: I kind of want a campy satirical movie on Al and Tippy Gore that’s similar to the Bush Movie. I want documented information on how the she become to be chosen to spear head the conservative movement on music. She kind of gives and the monster devil lady’s energy in interviews.

tweetmetruth: First it was climate cooling, then it was climate warming and now whatever happens they can call it climate change. I call it all bullshit. Oceans are the same. Same amount of glaciers as when Al Gore said the earth is melting. Wake up sheep it’s just another liberal catastrophe.

gianticecube: Spiky squiggle would show a classmate Al Gore

kellygordonmn: Just realized the word algorithm is “Al Gore rhythm.”

iCommBot: From a annihilated Ivanka Trump to a perfect Al Gore: There's no use in flogging a dead horse. - The Smashed Ipotane

walkswithdeer: Can we just have him and Al Gore recalled? As in go away forever? They’re both insane.

mediacrooks: Yes.. Ive been saying Climate Change is a FRAUD & a HOAX.. It has been proven so since 2010 when Climategate exploded and Al Gore had to shut down that stupid Chicago Carbon Exchange.. Its a scam to stunt 3rd world countries & Modi is a Bakra

Apollothesungo1: Live on internet TV radio ect Al Gore will MC upto 8 billion ENITIES to watch

Vulst2: i bring a sort of "refers to al gore as the 2000 election victor" vibe to the discourse that the scotuscucks dont really like

alloughery: For a Gen Xer like me, you remember Bush v Gore. Imagine if Al Gore had spent the following decades acting like Trump/Pence. Pence can write a book and go on a book tour but won't testify under oath? Just shows how the GOP only does things if they can profit off of it.

Sochillism: Me and Jeremy irons presenting our PowerPoint to Al gore and Michelle Obama “dawg, sound garden is so tight”

velo_trivia: Correct answer is: Al Gore

JustOGG: Does it effect the rich and famous who keep buying expensive property in coastal areas that will be completely flooded if Al Gore’s predictions come true?

sloshlet: It doesn’t look like al gore

NugsRus420: So Al Gore was wrong about sea levels and they’ve all moved on to CO2… the charade is up!

LYKINN: Why is it that everyone knows the crimes that Hunter and Joe Biden committed, evidence on his laptop, and yet no one arrests either one? The same can be said about Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton and Al Gore...

simarilian: Just like Al Gore's Social Security lock box that keeps all our social security payments safe.

CONELRAD13: Al Gore & his carbon tax scam partner exposed 10-years ago in Forbes magazine.

daveygater: . NO ... Al Gore just voted for legislation allowing use of ARPAnet file sharing techniques (then using the core of FTP/TCP/IP), eventually enabling what became known as "World Wide Web", for use by individuals and e-commerce ..... invention milestones first involved research by…

CONELRAD13: “Fraud: Ten years ago Monday, Al Gore said we had only a decade left to save the planet from global warming.” From Investors Business Daily

CONELRAD13: Al Gore got left-wing funding for ver. 1.1 of his carbon credit trading scams in late 1990’s “R.I.P.: Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Has Died”

yumtapwater: why does everyone keep talking about the "Al Gore Rhythm"

DavidCranmerUn1: Catalist was founded as Data Warehouse, LLC. Catalist's first CEO was Laura Quinn, a former economic policy advisor in the U.S. Senate and Deputy Chief of Staff for Vice President Al Gore. In the Clinton administration, Ickes served as Deputy Chief of Staff under Leon Panetta.

GioBruno1600: " I invented the Internet " Al Gore

iCommBot: From a rowdy Mitch McConnell to a resounding Al Gore: A good thing is soon snatched up. - The Impaired Siren

RDog861: Al Gore is a fraud. He's made millions perpetuating the fraud of global warming.

NashvilleTea: HA! Al Gore is right about one thing, the climate is changing!

vikki0164: Climate Change Scare - Doomsday Predictions from Al Gore, 1992

MarkedAsRed: In 2000, the faulty graphic design of election ballots in Palm Beach County, FL, misled voters, a large Jewish minority, to vote for the antisemitic conservative Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore.

MarloFranson: Yup and I lived through them all but the first one, hardly remember the 70's one but I kinda do. The acid rain one I do, I was even scared about that one. Oh that hole in the Ozone, banning all spray cans, O3 was limited, then Al Gore. Let's not forget the Patriot Act for control

ChrisQu10352390: Lenny Kravitz & Al Gore share a freemason handshake

0x1231: Al Gore Summons Satan | South Park

RyanHyattMedia: Al Gore says this is Fact.

notpotatoesbot: Al Gore are not potatoes

MikeStuartWV: 13 years ago, Al Gore told us the “ice would be gone in 5 years.” He’s crazy but crazy like a fox. He knows it’s fake but Al made a fortune off this “crisis crap.” The $$ are massive. That’s really what “climate change” is about.

Staringover2021: Include Al Gore, the biggest con artist of non existent "Climate Change", with average daily fossil fuel consumption of 20% more than US population.

EicemanGail: Al Gore and his Climate Cult have not made 1 prediction to date that has come to fruition.

watergremlin101: Al gore rhythm?

MoganDane: The same reason that Bill Clinton was not removed after his impeachment Al Gore was worse Biden is horrible, Kamala Harris is worse You have to remove them both There is GOOD CONSTITUTIONAL REASON TO DO IT

onlywrongquotes: "Just saw Crooked Hillary and Tim Kaine together. ISIS and our other enemies are drooling. They don't look presidential to me!" -Al Gore

InternetHippo: It's funny that we're going on 3 years of "Why don't people want to return to the office" and right before that they invented a toilet that was deliberately uncomfortable so your bathroom breaks at work would be shorter

jrc1921: Sitting Labour MP engaging in holocaust denial

edzitron: So if they take away all the blue checks and just leave the paid for blue checks does musk not realise that removes almost the entire reason anyone bought them in the first place

FKADisko: Baddiel pulls a Garth Marenghi

iammichaelpole: 1/n Jan 23, 2019 History keeps repeating, and people still wonder why grains are at the base of the food pyramid promoted by the experts...also why veganism is being promoted heavily now by Bill Gates, Clinton, Al Gore, and the "experts".

HistoricalMemo3: Bill Clinton and Al Gore Signed Autograph Special Edition Newspaper a1

gianticecube: Al Gore breathes

ZacAKAMadu: No. After the 1998 embassy bombings and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole, Al Gore spent much of his vice presidency genuinely concerned with Bin Laden. He would've listened to Richard Clarke and counterterrorism experts and focused on a narrow mission in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

RIPBot_: RIP Al Gore

LotfTagsBot: Al Gore

charliekilo552: Liberals on Twitter are REALLY unhappy with Global News. Meltdowns are happening on a scale not seen since Al Gore's imaginary polar ice cap melt.

bot_futurama: If nobody got me, I know Al Gore got me. Can I get an amen?

NancyMomma5400: We are made of carbon. What kills me is they are to dumb to know or they are lying thru their teeth. If you tell a lie long enuff you start to believe it. Al Gore has lost his mind.

nemanjaYVR: The butterfly ballot design in the 2000 election in Florida, resulting in thousands of votes intended for Al Gore to be erroneously given to Pat Buchanan instead. Without this, Gore wins the election, and even if 9/11 does happen the Iraq War almost certainly does not.

AnandAdiyody: Al GORE should be sent to mount Etna to investigate the volcano D F .

notpotatoesbot: Al Gore are not potatoes

VikasSi0164: Climate Change Scare - Doomsday Predictions from Al Gore 1992

joneson_jim: Imagine if Al Gore pulled this kind of shit...

jerryfuhrman22: Remember Al Gore's apocalyptic movie from long ago entitled 'An Inconvenient Truth'? It's primary theme was that we are nearing the point of no return. Now, all these years later ... "Earth ‘nearing point of no return ..." It'll go on forever.

BobbyWilson1004: Listen to Al Gore in 1992 fear mongering about a “climate crisis”. This is when the liberals started perpetuating climate crisis fear & lies for political gain & personal wealth. Same falsehoods going on now for green energy, etc.

lifepath23: Same is true if Al Gore had not had his election stolen by the Bush Dynasty when the Supreme Court decided who would be president! As for Peter Baker what a conservative loser he is

Kharold97B: Al Gore predicted the end of the world in 10 years due to climate change in 2009. John Kerry predicted the end of the world in 10 years due to climate change in 2011. Many predicted the end of the in 10 years due to climate change in 1968. Well, it is 2023!

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