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shanemontoya: Al Gore was right.

Ted_Boggs17: That means one party believed the Al Gore lie, and the other understands real science. Those climate crisis folks probably bought the Brooklyn Bridge five times by now with the money you gave them to buy it. Useful fool is all you are; useful to the tyrants.

paulkrugman: Second, the landmark legislation Democrats just passed — with zero R votes — bears a strong family resemblance to Al Gore's proposals in 2000 2/

nwclerk1989: The older I get, the more I become an Al Gore fangirl.

PearlRiverFlow: I got on Al Gore's internet this morning and got too heated over some milksop dandy that works for Tate Reeves, I gotta log off for a minute and do a line of pollen or touch trees or whatever.

racouncil: Al Gore hails Biden’s historic climate bill as ‘a critical turning point’

ShxtSeanSaid: People really listened to that leak of Renaissance and said it was bad on Al Gore's internet.

chuck_chalupka: Tennessee, what happened to you? You used to elect thoughtful statesmen like Al Gore. Now you elect idiots like Marsha Blackburn. You are embarrassing yourself.

carterwasright: Al Gore hails Biden’s historic climate bill as ‘a critical turning point’

davidmbittinger: Confess the error of your energy ways, Alice! The Caring-And-Sharing-And-Healing-And-Feeling energy partisans rule now. Put a windmill in your back yard and a really big solar panel on your Prius. Stock up on hemp blankets. Crash at one of Al Gore's 12 homes. Hope for the best.

JunkScience: Arctic sea ice at 12-year mid-August high. Al Gore prediction's for an ice-free Arctic is going to be way wrong again.

BoccaJim: Al Gore hails Biden’s historic climate bill as ‘a critical turning point’

ReflectingMan: Al Gore hails Biden’s historic climate bill as ‘a critical turning point’

OGOrganizer: Al Gore just emailed us so we can mark him as ALIVE

DrRimmer: Al Gore hails Biden’s historic climate bill as ‘a critical turning point’

_sn_n: I hate Florida so much, you can call me Al Gore

defigangpr: I read a whole book about how these all were strung up before. Actually very interesting. Thank you Al gore

kbbcreative: I can't say exactly what kind of housewife I would've been in the pre-internet days but tonight I was able to type in eight unrelated ingredients and get a whole dinner with recipes so I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you, Al Gore

BybeeWinecloud: I am just joshing but maybe it's not funny because the grandparent versions of the punisher skull people all believe this. Like scientists, Big Lithium, and Al Gore are working with (((CHINA))) to end American industrial dominance by limiting power plants to operate 2 hrs a day.

jamessm84408015: Today Al Gore should be on all major networks taking a victory lap on climate change A Patriot and man 20 years ahead of his time, instead major networks covering a treasonous criminal megalomaniac cult leader and the stolen papers he was attempting to keep as insurance or sale.

SMTuffy: I mean, Al Gore got a Nobel for just making a movie about climate change. So, should Manchin just book his flights now to pick his up or what?

canilao_marie: The film "The Day After Tomorrow" starring Dennis Quaid addressed this issue. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned about it in his book "Earth in the Balance". Climate scientists and researchers have been telling us it's a fact. When will global leaders and everyone listen?

KFCBarstool: This deserves an Oscar. How far we have come on Al Gore’s internet. The things these guys can do with their edits these days are spectacular

nowthisnews: In an interview with the Guardian published August 12, former VP Al Gore said the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes a roughly $369 billion climate action package, has ‘changed history.’

InoRikardo: jumped over the wall and escaped in the confusion. Al Gore was the second one placed against the wall. The squad was reassembled and Al pondered what he had just witnessed. Again before the order was given Al yelled out, "Tornado!" Again the squad fell apart and Al slipped over

gianticecube: Al Gore breathes

NIK_VENTURE: I don't remember all this attention to Al Gore nearly two years after he lost. Oh, because he conceded gracefully, like a real man, and moved on with his life. Also, he became a voice for a very important world issue, as his second act, and not try to tear down democracy.

RichRoughrRider: Al Gore got filthy rich with his climate hoax

SocraticPatriot: When people like Biden & Al Gore lecture Americans on global warming and the need for EV's, know that they hope you don't look too far at where the minerals come from. They are the 21st Century slave owners and don't forget it.

whtvrjeffsaid: This is hard because 2000 - Al Gore means no Iraq War, 2016 - Clinton means to Trump and 3 SCOTUS picks

Race2Extinct: Recently, Al Gore was asked what people should do to combat climate change. He said (I’m paraphrasing), “the only thing people need to do is vote Democrat.” BTW - he has 4 kids and lives an opulent lifestyle. “Famous environmentalist” has become an oxymoron.

DuchessTacoCOT: If I had to be attacked on Al Gore's Internet like this, then so do you all.

That_Roboguy: You know I’ve always wanted to ratio Al Gore

CaptainSlapz: Everything >>>>Al Gore

RwlSociety: So I just found out about this JDM and Itasha car show this Saturday in DTLA in conjunction with the Nisei Week cultural festival. I wasn't planning on going, but then I only just learned about it (thanks Al Gore Rhythm!)

cress_cd: The ultimate betrayal is buying a skirt marketed to you on Al Gore’s Internet as “stretchy with a comfortable elastic waistband” and then discovering when the skirt arrives that its entire life has been a lie because it’s actually a zipper-back.

D0m1n8tor: Al Gore 2024!!!

NeilMcMahon: Olivia's performances for presidents spanned Reagan, Bush Snr, Clinton, Bush Jnr. The only overtly political campaign she was involved in was Al Gore's White House bid because of his environmental passions. George Bush Snr adored her and appeared on her This Is Your Life episode.

TNDem4: Al Gore 2024!

ProudLI52298236: 5. Al Gore

EplurebusUnum: Since Al Gore started the big freeze in the 70’s and the hole in the ozone, nothing has changed

MrBrustow: The GOP has such a problem with race that you chose to create an organization called The Black Conservative Federation, only to sit on Al Gore’s internet and call the Democrats the segregationist party?? IKYFL

jhudson176: I agree and watched this for over 6 decades myself. It’s political folks. Sad some sheep are so stupid. Keep making Al Gore and Democrats richer.

gianticecube: Al Gore breathes

notpotatoesbot: Al Gore are not potatoes

roger_sheng: i'm old enough to remember when the climate issue was dismissed as people who just watched some movie with al gore in it. concern for the future dismissed as film consumerism. same shit, different decade.

Monstar_Man: Al Gore

TonjaStidhum: One of my favorite pastimes is seeing someone tweet “NO ONE / NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS” and then my Al Gore Rhythm shows that many people are talking about this.

dan72ros: It's the year 2000 and FB/Twitter do not exist. Al Gore cheerleads an angry murderous mob at the Elipse. Then continues to campaign the Elex was stolen. Etc. Exact same playbook. But it never happened. Because Al Gore is not a fascist criminal.

Frediculous: I got a viral tweet about global warming. Ive made it. Someone get Al Gore & Gretchen on the phone. We up

vamospatos: Al Gore was right, I should have never run over all those polar bears with my SUV!

ai_curio_bot: america if al gore won the election

Kairon404: Trump vs Kamala too on the nose. Trump vs someone like a Bill Clinton 2.0 or Al Gore 2.0 seems more likely. Easy pickings one of the “Squad” will try to get a VP seat and get annihilated.

GrantHDowling: In 2050 when we’re all old and finally quit social media and the only two people left on the internet are Elon Musk and Al Gore

LadyCesar2018: Best reply to this tweet. Drumpf learned it from McConnell who learned it from Cheney when the whole "hanging chad" bs stole the election from AL GORE. If we don't get rid of the "electoral this-is-stupid college" then it opens up 2024 for fake electors - again.

gekido: Now I can't stop pronouncing this "Al Gore Rhythms" Gawdamnit

ChefLilah: - 1996 Saturday: Senator Bob Dole picks Senator Jack Kemp to be his running mate for the Republican ticket.  President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore would win a second term.

searchingthru: "They made an unlikely coalition: Al Gore became a centimillionaire on this issue; the Prince of Wales mounted a great hobby horse that he still rides, and the most vocal airheads of Hollywood have been howling like banshees on the issue for decades."

RossMcCaff: Bullet dodged. Phew!

Super_Spunk: I know it’s been said a million times but it will never not be funny that this guy had the ability to grow a full head of hair the entire time and was simply choosing to be bald.

LFCLaurie: Just seen Andrew Tate saying he wouldn’t perform CPR on a man as it’s gay — you cannot tell me there are people that actually take this man seriously and hang off his every word…

gianticecube: Al Gore would show you

AdamCrafton_: United lost this game btw

kimpossiblefact: yes this is when the fbi became bad

CW33: Maia Mitchell shared her thoughts of Olivia Newton-John and said she was so highly praised in Australia for her talent and her work with cancer research. She said it was very sad to hear about her passing.

GlobalBC: City of Vancouver staff will start removing tents between Gore Avenue and Abbott Street in the Downtown Eastside today.

ChampD1012: I’ve said this numerous times on Al Gore’s Internet… If Black Thought decides to continue to make solo albums with different producers and we don’t get another Roots album…I’m fine with it. 4 for 4 on the songs released so far on his album with Danger Mouse…

comradeaux: guy who hates the FBI and CIA but believes everything they say about communism

heretic_acolyte: Baby please shut up. I'm imagining myself as a round stone on the bed of a river. I have to do this every day or I'll go crazy

JoshuaPotash: Again, I don't think we can consider this a democracy when heavily armed cops repress dissent to ensure a vote to criminalize poverty becomes law.

shehzadyounis: 'A long time coming': Al Gore, other climate activists celebrate Senate passage of IRA

HMProA: I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth, environmental protection, improvements in our educational system. ~ Al Gore

JackMic11633310: 'A long time coming': Al Gore, other climate activists celebrate Senate passage of IRA

RogerRRivera22: Even Nixon knew that he must put the interests of America before his own. Like Al Gore, they both put America first - more than a slogan ya see. Trump would have never done right thing so that our sacred Democratic experiment could continue to exist. Trump cares about Trump.

nzbigpicture: At least some good news, BUT party vote HAS to go to ACT to ensure the country doesn’t slip into Key type progressiveness. If you want to see the snakes in NZ Nats, look at the speakers of BlueGreens conf on 20.8.22 at BECA in Auckland. Includes every secret Al Gore disciple !

iCommBot: From a stoned Al Gore to a beautiful Mike Pence: Diamonds are forever. - The Trashed Ophitaurus

ClarityInView: So, actual science does not and never has supported the theoretical imaginings of those who prefer to shape data to a preferred theory/outcome, rather than let the data give rise to a solidly based theory? Someone please tell Al Gore, Greta, Gates, Obama, the WEF & LBNL the IPCC.

AstatineIRL: “It’s been a long time coming, but the Senate has finally advanced transformative climate legislation,”- Al Gore, Former US Vise President The Inflation Reduction Act includes $369bn for climate action - the largest investment in US history.

ERANewsStuff: 'A long time coming': Al Gore, other climate activists celebrate Senate passage of IRA

FBeauchard: Folks, it’s neither climate change nor racism/racial inequity, and it’s certainly not Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, George $oros, Klaus Slob, Al Gore, Bill Hates, Zuck, jack, Hollywood CELEBRITIES (sorry, ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️), or WhoHaveIForgotten. Our enemy is the Big Greed of Big Government.

2003Sandstorm: Al Gore Rythm might be able to be deleted using this concept.

dennisloutsch: Uhhh... Al Gore invented the internet. Already did that. But Elon Musks Starlink is faster internet than cable shit.

nytimes: "Finally, now we have crossed a major threshold," said former Vice President Al Gore, who as a lawmaker, held the first congressional hearings on climate change in 1982. "I did not for a moment imagine it would take this long."

TheSpea72696402: Al Gore wasn't impeached twice or accused of Russian collusion or eating and flushing top secret documents or calling for the hanging of Clinton or swindling supporters or attacking Democracy so does Trump thinks the 2000 election was stolen?

AlexDWilliams1: Douglas Murray blasts Al Gore's comparison of 'climate deniers' to Uvalde officers

batholiver: Some good news in the never ending procession of gloom. How did climate doomsters get the Great Barrier Reef so wrong? Let's hope that other grim prophecies like Al Gore’s prediction for the end of Kilimanjaro snows by 2020, will also be defied by nature!

DanielHadas2: 9. The elites who controlled this narrative largely minimised its disruption to their own daily lives (Al Gore's flight schedule / Gavin Newsome's gourmet dining).

benkershner: Fun fact: algorithms were named after the inventor of the Internet, Vice President Al Gore.

kaarrff: Greenland. V cold. MASSIVE ICE GAINS reports Danish Met Institute Didn’t Al Gore say it would be ice free by 2020?

reese_candie: That's usually how the law works. Why are these ppl on Al Gore's internet, showing that their degrees ain't worth the ink they were printed with?

danglinghemmie: why are all the teachers quitting???

AmberWo41609626: Former VP Gore has compared climate change deniers to law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, to argue that "inaction" is harming future generations. Al Gore compares climate deniers to Uvalde law enforcement officers: ‘Nobody stepped forward’ The former vice president disc...

BruceMi97077409: 'A long time coming': Al Gore, other climate activists celebrate Senate passage of IRA

MikeZeigle: 'A long time coming': Al Gore, other climate activists celebrate Senate passage of IRA

bb_apes: i think each week therapists should pick their most entertaining client and refund the cost of their session

GVLDem: Former VP Al Gore is among the speakers at a 3 part series hosted by Furman University. Straight Talk 2022 focuses on what's being done to combat climate change, the series begins Aug 30th. Tickets are on sale now.

jamesdgreig: AMERICAN FASCIST: My opinion is that people who use pronouns should be killed! AMERICAN LIBERAL, CHUCKLING: “my” is a pronoun

TheFarFarLeft: Don't want Nunes if it's going to stop Milners progression.

boneysoups: there’s no way David could beat Goliath, he’s just a little guy. Bad writing

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