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  • You're What You Listen To
    You are what you listen to
    You become what you listen to
    Yes like a seed dropped on the soil
    It fills your thoughts ...
  • And Now We Are!
    The fire burns
    So does your words hurt
    You don't like us
    You just use us for all your wants ...
  • Selfless Love
    Damn my heart is hurt
    Or should I say broken!
    What kind of sacrifice is such?
    How could she? ...
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Bright 1 Prove 1 Mind 1 Listen 1 Hear 1 Deep 1 Good 1 Soul 1 Voice 1 High 1

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Night-Scene In Genoa
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In Genoa, when the sunset gave
Its last warm purple to the wave,
No sound of war, no voice of fear,
Was heard, announcing danger near:
Though deadliest foes were there, whose hate
But slumber'd till its hour of fate,
Yet calmly, at the twilight's close,
Sunk the wide city to repose.

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