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I'm Aaron, a Liberian. I'm a student reading Biomedical Science at the University of Liberia. I love writing poetry during my quiet time.. ...
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Aaron Barchue Poems

  • The Inner Being!
    All they ever see is you walking in disguise
    Just you appearing in the human body
    But they never get to meet your inner being
    The inner being that is desperate to achieve ...
  • Life Complication!
    Memories are like candles,
    Lighted in our heads during our dark times
    Enabling us to see those things we lost in the past
    Re-aggravating the heart and leaving us with pain. ...
  • Regrets!!
    You were there, I was here
    You were me and I was you
    Fun time and night conversations were all we had
    I met you as a stranger but I wasn’t endangered ...
  • Let Love Reign!
    Birth is life, Life is breath
    But there is none after death.
    Love is care, care brings joy
    But there’s none after a broken heart. ...
  • Fear Of Rejection
    It doesn't seem like there are 7billion people in the universe.
    All I see is you and I;
    Friendship and respect were all that ever existed.
    My mind is now full of thoughts and I'm dying slowly of your affection. ...
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  • Don't you ever stop loving as long as you are living.
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