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  • Terence Macswiney
    See, though the oil be low more purely still and higher
    The flame burns in the body's lamp! The watchers still
    Gaze with unseeing eyes while the Promethean Will,
    The Uncreated Light, the Everlasting Fire...
  • Immortality
    We must pass like smoke or live within the spirit's fire;
    For we can no more than smoke unto the flame return
    If our thought has changed to dream, our will unto desire,
    As smoke we vanish though the fire may burn....
  • A Farewell
    I go down from the hill in gladness, and half with a pain I depart,
    Where the Mother with gentlest breathing made music on lip and in heart;
    For I know that my childhood is over: a call comes out of the vast,
    And the love that I had in the old time, like beauty in twilight, is past....
  • The Great Breath
    Its edges foam'd with amethyst and rose,
    Withers once more the old blue flower of day:
    There where the ether like a diamond glows,
    Its petals fade away....
  • By The Margin Of The Great Deep
    When the breath of twilight blows to flame the misty skies,
    All its vaporous sapphire, violet glow and silver gleam,
    With their magic flood me through the gateway of the eyes;
    I am one with the twilight's dream....
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