You make me laugh, you make me cry,
You misjudged me but my soul can't die.
The Index of my finger falls on the guitar,
And the rhythm that came out makes me feel better.
There were chokes all over the notes,
Believe me I had burnt all those fucking photos.
I have sacrificed my money and provide u my trust,
But the reply from ur side that it is hard for u to adjust.
All the dreams of mine had now turned into ash,
The moral of the story is the bitches are in favour of cash.
Now I am single but I am not sad,
It's a promise that in the near future I will make my father very glad.
My fingers are on the fret, but in this way I am all alone,
Don't laugh bitch, because the nature signifies that an eminent is going to be born.
I will not crush U and make U send to the damn,
Because life gives it own way, and I will not forgot that how I swam.
Hoping for a day when you will hear about me and get jealous of others,
Don't worry because in the near future decivers like u will become someone's mother.
That day u will understand when ur son will say his story through his email,
Talking to u is just a waste of time, so I should set my journey into the sail.
Before leaving I should say that u are another shape of evil,
But u should know that I will still love u even if u lose ur virginity in the civil..