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Dr. Dallel Sarnou is an associate professor (at the department of English, Mostaganem university)and a poetess.She is involved in many areas including particularly Arab women writings and world literatures. She has already published a number of academic papers, a series of poems on electronic websites and two books with LAMBERT publishing. She is currently involved in newly explored areas like liminality, electronic discourse, digital humanities and educational technology....
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Sarnou Dalal Poems

  • A Heroine
    Like a soldier in a battlefield with no weapon,
    I am ever bleeding, but never fleeing my arena.
    I hold tight my wounds with my enemy’s ribbon;
    I never look backward, for I want to be a winner. ...
  • A Tattooed Memory
    Long years… though I have lived thirty seven short years
    Oscillating helplessly between feeble smiles and tears
    Wavering right and wrong between my peace and fears
    Losing myself every moment I lose enemies and dears ...
  • My Old ‘me’
    Eternally, the same places, the same faces, the same traces
    Of my old days of the scary past that is still there, that still chases
    My every dream, my every smile and my every inner peace
    I beg him to vanish and disappear; I say with fear: “go away, please!” ...
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Full faith I have she holds that rarest gift
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Would almost wreck the faith; but when her mouth
(Can it kiss sweetly? sweetly!) would address
The inner me that thirsts for her no less,
And has so long been languishing in drouth,

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