Mrs Right

For the first time in life,I lack power to resist,
There's no need to lie, truly Angels exist,
I've seen many faces but no one be's like her,
Her touches are smooth and soothing like fur,
Everytime I see her,I pause for a while,
Nothing makes me feel at ease more than her smile,
How can I rate her yet she has no comparison,
Her eyes are a proof that I've met an Angel in person,
Her gaze lures me every night and day,
I swear her presence takes my breath away,
I can't imagine that feeling when I fix my fingers in hers,
It's as if I'm out of earth, maybe on Mars,
If I were to dedicate a poem,even Shakespeare would read,
Cause when it comes to rating,to me she's the lead,
I'm done with all the words,none of them can describe her personality,
She's humble and generous,her voice puts me into abnormality,
Whenever I'm moody and bored,she becomes my circus,
If Juliet and Romeo existed,I would make them jealous,

Whizz Ixtrinsic
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/20/2021

Poet's note: 100%written out of a crush...
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