Extrinsic Feelings

There's that point in life when you hate love and love hate,
When you feel everyone around you is fake,
And that goosebump feeling turns into sweat,
Affection is like a flower, it nourishes and then fade,
It doesn't matter whether it is on the sun or shade,
You must end up crying on your bed,
I call it a monster that turns Soulmates into pain,
Every human being must cry in vain,
Suffer from depression and even disorders of the brain,
Love;most people's enemy and everyone's friend,
Invisible but breaks the impossible to mend,
Not only is it sweet at the start but also has a bitter end,
The dictionary defines and describes it very well,
Yet in real life,it's the carbon copy of hell,
Love;the only feeling that takes your mind into a cell,
It is more addictive than all types of drugs,
Affecting the innocent not to mention the thugs,
Whether you're rich or poor,you must grief after hugs,

Whizz Ixtrinsic
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