Way To The Virgin Galaxy

I take a sip, to the liquor of desire, just to live
A day more, let my savage soul sleep beneath me.
So it can smile with stars at midnight for ages
So it can scribble worthless new things in pages.
When clock hits the night, I paint the woeful sky
I take a long breath and exhale my crafty smile.
The clouds ask me to be, a bohemian gypsy
To shimmer with all I have in my virgin galaxy.
Illusory screams of silence, I can hear sharp
The scattered clusters of my soul stray so far.
One step further, I behold the moon too close
The wind is real high, I am already on a dose.
No drug, but my pen and myself is all I need
To paint the starry night with my mystic misery.
Let the wings bloom, let me leave the labyrinth
Midnight paves my way to my virgin galaxy.

Sumaiya Shoilee
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/15/2023

Poet's note: The theme of the poem is escapism, escapism from the monotonous life. Most of my poems are written in and based on midnight, as in daytime I hardly get chance to let my poetic soul awake and set free. The "Virgin Galaxy" actually symbolizes a person's innermost thoughts and desires, a place where he can be his true, unfiltered self. "The starry night" metaphorically refers to the famous artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, and my belief is that we all individually have the ability to transform our pains and struggles into something beautiful and profound, just all we need is to be zealous and passionate.
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