Ages Around The Sun

In the mirror of time I do not see the foot prints of years

I have seen trees shedding their leaves about 60 times

I have also seen hunger dribbling its drops of sweat

from the first bicycle entering my village to
Man setting his feet on the moon

I have seen the entire span of

Man’s journey in this century

I dreamt that this century would see

A new sky showering drizzles of stars

on a new country

But alas! what did I see?

I have seen down pour

of bombs from Paris to Pearl Harbor

I have seen gushing floods of human blood

ages around the sun

Inundating those very two rivers Which gave birth to the Sumerian civilization.

I have also seen great monuments of humanity being reduced to shambles.

My words of anguish streamed into newspapers to become Headlines

I am now not left with many years nor tears

I now see the foot prints of time

Is this the fruit of mother earth revolving around the sun for so many ages?

I now see history facing this question.

Seshendra Sharma
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