Euphoric Thirst.

Nine months in my mother's womb was the most wonderful phase of her life, And my first step into the unknown then- Was the most beautiful moment she cherished; Unawareness and uncertainties my future held- Yet she did all that she could do to make it bright and beautiful. But only if dreams could turn into reality, I would have been a better child to her then;
I shattered her hopes and dreams- Compelled her to walk the path of guilt and shame, And now she only
sits wondering, where she went wrong, That transformed me to a person who now hardly remembers Mother's sweet songs.
Importance of my life has vanished, In the fog of wants and selfishness- Getting high and getting my kicks, Are the things that I now only embrace; I steal, I cheat and manipulate, Just to get the substance of my choice, I do weird and unsocial acts- Just to satisfy my Euphoric Thirst.
Joyful faces all around- Yet why am I still overwhelmed with this voidness within? Am I really alienated and left to decay? Or is it just my nature feeling this way? The mystery remains burried deep within- And it certainly is for me to realize;
Life as we say isn't a silk route- At least for me it never was, And though I took each step son very carefully- It only led me a step closer to my Euphoric Thirst.
Finally, I have played and done with my part, In this most fascinating World that I leave behind- And now I'm put to the final rest, Because of my continuous hunt for the Euphoric Thirst. Well, it's not so bad for a person like me- To be laid six feet under the cold dark grave; Shivering with cold, covered with darkness though suffocates me sometimes- But then I look beyond and I see Him there, Smilling gently upon my dusty earthen bed- And I look upto Him and thank Him each day, For finally quenching my Euphoric Thirst.

Saraldeep Tamang
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