Matter Of Soul

The world of matter bents awareness and duality,
pertaining to required dimensionality.
The mental loss by worship sense data rigidly,
quantitative measures conformity.
Reforming towards natural perfection,
which by some folks becomes a cruel intersection.
The desperation of religious handicap,
following blindly some holy scrap.
Little world in little hats banging the wall,
the egos cry for to save us all.
Considered distorted experiences,
as guilt persists in emotional glimpses.
Time in clockwork liberation,
past lives handicap attached to sensation.
Distinctions between reality and shadow,
consciousness attracted to divine flow.
Sufficient transformation by living,
as below or above all is given.
Poignant realization of what the soul is not,
beginnings of true certainties begot.
Faith that creates faith and inner evolution,
taken the image forth to all else exclusion.
Many individual emotions we have to difference,
group state temptation and wilderness.
The struggle out of the familiar in critical state,
steps of evolution where the future meets present.
The attractively impersonated desirable goal,
pictured reality for the timeless soul.

Robert Rittel
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