Allegory Of Soul

The cosmos sees itself through the individual eye,
creating space from limited believes not shy.
Whispering firmament reflecting source consenting dreamer,
detached magnification of a rhetoric believer.
Contemplated exhibition of natures trance,
echoes from eons past to purpose advance.
Redemption of all things by beauty,
the art of life force creation and its duty.
Philosophical reign of liberty by light,
mind clothed with wings takes flight in that sight.
Gathered rays entangled breathing beams,
radiant apparition tempers in forms of seems.
Unexhausted spirit where discord can not be,
immortal progeny imagined mystery.
Where intuitions swarm in harmonious wisdom,
the essence poised for all sainted blossom.
The soul in timeless sphere is waiting for the view,
until it dreams in the threshold of the new.

Robert Rittel
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