Shine Life Style Angle Signs

Marlon unanipea kazi ngumu
lakini ntaikula kama doughnut ama ngumuu
shine, style life's angle signs
fine , am not a bad guy, nor a gang star
all I just do is poetry maybe there am a star
learned so I understand whats at stake in life tribal not i embace diversity
thats the reason i stepped on a university
kwa hii life I learned tu lazima utii
eeeh unajua tu mapero ni same na roots za tree
Deep wauenda na pia deep haufeel uki walk astray
thats why sahii niko on my kneels na confess as I pray
maybe sijafanya what I was meant to do but
realisation now becomes the key
am praying that someday i get a fee
for what wrong have done maybe am not that
perfect of a kid But momma and daddy I always try to please you
i fall maybe most times but am not a perfect
as for me i dont intend to wrong anyone for am
human and my heart is kind
am just wishing that the family lazima niwabless but through blessings za Sir God
blings are not even in my mind
all I want to do is just Grind
I may have attributes of optimus prime
But some things cannot contribute to me doing
crime my content wants to leave the effect of lime
haha i do liqour occassionally not even lured by
sweet wine
Binary some do more of the machinery
But it takes physical involvement to be medical
but iy only takes the mind at peace for poetry to be lethal
again am just a writer,
am never s fighter
neither sn inciter
so i'l remain a writer
lazima tu nibonge ki patua its just a language
so im just a messanger to spread love message.
And mine is a prescribed dosage
to understand come with me up stage
try to reason with a reason with a difference even
when you are of young age cant sell humanity for money
coz its just paper haiezi kua honey
For humanity is paid by humanity

Perez Bulinda
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