Olunga 14


wausema dreams ziko valid
thats why an engineers mind ina conqour kwa field
trust io process brains na talent combined you meet our beast
from nairobi, ni kijana tu wa east

Football engineer thats a woow factor vile ye huwapigia gethafu
ukipatana na ye jua ni mtu amezoe kuvaa golden shoe
goal machine record breaker
apa ata my girlfriend nakuachia take her

hattricks ndo kalongo we ujua
we unyesha mabao design ya mvua
nakurank ju east or west
you are the best 9 kenya will have

most high akubless
as you step kwa pitch let you be driven by progress
najua ulisomea kwa hill
na congrats kujuoin al duhail

Perez Bulinda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/19/2021

Poet's note: explains one of Kenyas greatest in football
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