My Joy

Gently she stopped to enter a cab
Towards her destination,
And out of consciousness,
My heart was glued to her good-looking face.
In a soft voice, I greeted her,
In the same way, she replied with no need for explanation,
This created talks between us
With the expectation of graduating to the new phase.

Her beauty is more to be compared to the city of Texas,
Wisdom is her nature and understanding is her being.
To talk of her shape is like turning
A wow to a daily song that has been.
Yet that never get beyond her skull to be a Vashty,

Humility is her name
daring to step on her toes death is your reward.
Her reward of death is not as
Our herdsmen and of our government,
The words that come from her mouth
Are enough for a suicide mission.
Hear my daily cries that come from a righteous heart,

To make your heart accept me
For everlasting bliss.
Judge me not with my act or dress
For these, I amended but end in vain,
Rather let your judgment be in the truthfulness of my heart.
Hear my prayers rear gem for days count on me daily,

And for my joy to have no end and in this, I give you my love.

Olorunleke Olorode
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