Kano; A Blood-lust At Noon

The president mums
The force are handicap
The state is asleep
and the people’s will
streams away.

Men of no shame
king over our land
and their knights
machete our will
And blood bath at noon

The hand and bullet
are at their Palm
And today, it is justice
They all smile and glee
as their Knights
machete our will
And blood bath at noon
Tears Stream down
like an angry wind

Today will come again
It is like the coming of the Lord
No time and date
Barrack and bullet
go no where
It will thorn their tongue
Then it will be injustice
But Today it is justice

“Men of No Shame”

Let the people rise
and speak for herself
The state is asleep
and mum

Ola Olawale
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