Echoes Of A Dying Soul

A soul adrift, a fading flame
That flickers in the dark of night
Its essence fades, its will to claim
A place among the stars, so bright

The echoes of a dying soul
Are whispers on the wind
A mournful song, a final toll
Of a life that's reached its end

The memories that once burned bright
Are fading, like a dying sun
The colors that once shone so white
Are fading into black, undone

And yet, within the dying embers
There's something more, a hint of hope
A light that shines, that still remembers
The dreams that helped us learn to cope

So let the echoes of the past
Guide us through the dark of night
And let the fading memories last
As we embrace the fading light

For though our souls may fade away
And our bodies turn to dust
The echoes of a dying soul will stay
A reminder of the love we trust.

Oghenero Peter
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