Circle Of Life

Ignorance is the center point of life circle,
Obscuring our mind from knowing virtues,
Walking rough path thus preventing from enlightenment,
Never letting to go beyond the circle of life.

As long as ignorance is there,
You have to form & transform into,
Thousand of life in the wheel of rebirth,
Thus you are entangled in the circle of life.

The circle of life is a dependent origination,
Male & female depend to give new life &
If one cease to depend on another,
The wheel of life stop moving.

My religion explain of six circle of life realm,
Three good & three evil circle of life,
God, demigod & human are three good,
Animal, hungry ghost & hellish are three evils.

Somehow we had conquer the ignorance,
And formed in three good realm but,
You cannot always expect to stay there,
The wheel of six realm rotate with your action.


Norbu Dorji
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