Dear MÎÕ

Tonight, I write to you carefully,
No! Don't ask why am doing it suddenly,
Actually I wasn't gonna say this openly,
Maybe I'll carry my art, you know paper-pen plainly,
Cause still I know you love poetry just like crazily.

I was in my twenties,
When I started writing to your screen,
Easy not was,words seemed to be mean,
For I had died from a previous clash caused by Lorene,
Watching-waiting those paths, in my state I felt green,
Honestly your name was nil, so I'd refer to you as queen,
Until then I'd sit by the shadow pretend it's your halloween.

Weary glances ignited three life,
Kneeling and praying so for a wife,
Telling God,one more chance please I won't mess,
Pleading with Him never to allow me repossess,
Like the twister dune, t'was a pure confess.

Till whenever,can we kiss forever,
Surrendering Infront of the mirrors again,
Though I was told loves'a religion not a chain,
Maybe in between if your demons get you insane,
That you'd want me no more next to your heart lane,
Just know this instead before I embrace that pain,
I've loved you,ever since I met your name in the rain.

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