The Supreme Judge

You sit on the bench
But I ask myself why:
You have no judgement to make,
No reason to listen
You stare at the court ceiling
And I can guess the reason why:
You have no powers
Your hands are tied up
By the very cartels
Who bestowed powers upon you
So I stare into the space
Trying to figure out such great peradoxes of the twenty first century
When abruptly you judge in favour
Of the perpetrators of injustice
So I continue to stare into the space again
For hours it seems
Untill I realized that you are a puppet judge
But I still was right to stare into the space
It dawns on me that I am the ultimate defender of Justice
I am the people
The mob
The crowd
The mass
Did you know that all the great powers of the world is given through me
I am the working man
The voter
The maker of all the history
The lawmakers come from me
And the adjudicators
The judges leave the offices
And I institute more
I am the man on the bench
I am the pillar that maintains its solid ground
But you have always forgotten the best of me is robbed and misused in high offices
Yet from now I the people will use the lessons of yesterday on the people who played me for a fool

Michael Aete
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