Travelling Companion

Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you from where I was sitting.
Are you travelling alone?
I sure could use a travelling companion.
Do you mind if I sit here?
OK, thanks.
Where will you get off?
Oh, you’re going to Montego Bay.
I’m going to Clifton Hanover and I’ll be spending the weekend
there with my crazy ex-in-laws.

You seem rather tired and the bus hasn’t left the terminus yet.
Tell you what, when we get to Mount Rosser,
You may sleep on my shoulder if you wish.
By the way, I’m Marlon.
And you are?
It’s good to meet you, Sandy.
You sure make a great travelling companion.
I hope we have a safe journey.

Time certainly doesn’t stand still.
We’re now in Montego Bay and you have to go.
I really enjoyed your company.
May I call you some time?
Bye, sexy Sandy.

Do you want to know more?
Just stretch your imagination and picture how things turned out.

Marlon Pitter
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