New Beginning

They say true love last a life time till forever
So what do you want me to do
I am always gonna cry because I miss you
Tell me how can I kill this love

I swear am so tired of trying to be there
How many times do I have to remind you
That am still here my love is still real
How long will I go through our chats

How long will it take to forget you
I can not wait till forever cause I am so tired
Am tired of loving you that it kills me
Am so exhausted been through enough

Am so scared of forgetting you
I have hold on to you for so long
Am so scared of stopping to love you
I really don't want to ever forget you

But am so tired of praying for what if
Am so tired of praying to tell you I love you
So I am going to pick myself up and say goodbye
Goodbye to you and my fears goodbye my love

Ibthlhal Abdul
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